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Hello TruckersMP community!

I have been doing photography for quite a while, but I have never shared what I feel are my best creations but some of them have been shared and one nearly got April's photo of the month! I hope you enjoy them, any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

All in main post have been put as a spoiler so you can scroll down easily to the newer replies.
P.s I change which monitor I play on a lot, so some are 16:9 ratio and some are 21:9. I hope you don't mind <3


















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Amazing! Only tip I have for you is maybe it would have been better if the wheels were a little less rotated in the last picture, perhaps so the rims can be seen. I feel the way it is just looks too much, but maybe its just me. Perhaps turning the truck slightly to the right would also have a similar effect as what I said.

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5 hours ago, Fading l #Wish64 said:

Thanks for the compliments <3

@[FC-T] sko0923 On the last photo you can hardly see the tires let alone the rims, are you sure you meant that photo?

Yeah, I meant that one. I was looking on a big screen so that came to my head for the last photo. 

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