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Suggestion Name: 

Ranking system


Suggestion Description:

An automatic ranking system witch is based on in game hours and TruckersMP punishments and witch atomatically adds ranks witch gives you the ability to, for example: drive a car or the ability to use specific paint jobs or chassis and trailer types.

A system with for example the ranks: rookie, beginner, experienced, no damage, professional, expert, admin,


Any example images: 

See attached file


Why should it be added?:

A better organised game


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I do not see the necessity in it. I mean, the web developers already found a very suitable system. The truck above your avatar (beneath your name) fills up the more you post and the ranks are specialised for a trucking community which is quite well done, to be honest.


In addition to that, TMP is not the armed forces :D So it would not be necessary to add / change something that is already implemented.


As Bonnm already said, it is not really a good idea, thus minus one as well.


Kind regards ;)

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-1. ETS in my opinion is a game I can come in and enjoy regardless of anybody else, and without having to compete for everything. It is a fun game, and it is always that was no matter what happens (unless you get rammed of course). Hopefully you understand what I'm saying, I think it wouldn't be a very good idea to have players compete for in game ranks.

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