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Connection Error- Retry?


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Hi Dear Member 


Hi Dear member 


Please try these methods:


1. Reset your network adapator


This page will guide you through what you need to do and explains for different Windows operating systems as you scroll down.




You type 


·         netsh int ip reset reset.txt

·         netsh winsock reset

·         netsh advfirewall reset

In to a DOS window (Comand Prompt).


Clearing the ARP Cache https://techjourney.net/clear-delete-and-refresh-arp-cache-entry/

Resetting your network adapter http://www.home-network-help.com/netsh-winsock.html

Clearing your DNS Cache https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/How+To+Clear+Your+DNS+Cache

Changing DNS to Google's Public DNS, https://www.techworm.net/2016/08/change-default-dns-google-dns-fast-internet-speeds.html


You can also try resetting the Winsock Catalog


step 1: click on windows search program and type "cmd" enter

step 2: once you're in, type "netsh winsock reset catalog" enter

step 3: type "netsh int ip reset.log hit" enter

step 4: restart your computer





Then if you have still problem please look at this topic 





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I already PMed the user to get him back online as fast as possible but the solution for this common issue is always to run the TruckerMP Mod in "Administrative" mode and the mod will load and ask you to update if "Administrator" mode isn't activated when TMP releases an update this message 100% will always appear because it doesn't have certain rights from your PC to check :)


Also the use of bad language wont get you anywhere especially when your the one seeking help for future reference :) 


Also a quick note if you search the forums a TINY bit you will notice this type of ISSUE has been asked a thousand times and been answered a thousand time each with different methods direct link to just one below :) 


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When you say you downloaded TruckersMP 10 times, did you uninstall the previous one with the Uninstall.exe in your TruckersMP file? That was the only way I could completely ensure that everything that could be related to the Mod and its support files would be deleted allowing this problem to stop persisting. Using that exe and downloading a fresh version from the website also helped a friend of mine with the same problem as well.

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Do this


Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard

Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes)

Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher"

Go to our website and re-download and install the Launcher with admin privileges https://truckersmp.com/download/

Open The Launcher with admin privileges and click "Install Available Updates" 

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