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Trucky - TruckersMP Companion (Android & iOS app) - V2

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5 hours ago, TommyFresh said:

Having some issues with this today. Signed in fine and lets me see upcoming convoys but when I select the friends tab or the live map I just get network error and have to force close the app. (android)


Due to ets2map api down online state is not working today. I have fixed It on Trucky api side to avoid get the network error but app Will not show anyone as online.

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Sorry for this silence but work on Trucky went ahead and in the last weeks i've release two major updates, you can find full changelog here:


2.5.0 - "Players looking for players"



2.6.1 - "Players rating"



Furthermore.... development is not stopped and there are always new things to do, so


Vote for new Trucky feature



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Today i'm presenting the first beta version of the Trucky app Web app, a desktop dedicated version


Desktop Web app



with same features than the mobile app and something more

Event management!


Create and share your online events directly on Trucky


See more detailed screenshots here: 




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1 minute ago, dowmeister said:


thanks, but don't know why :(

I checked it again and now can i rate it. So stay cool :) 

Probably on iOS can You rate a app after download and a "cool down". 


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