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YART (Yet Another TruckersMP Launcher)

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Yet Another TruckersMP Launcher

by NarodGaming


This is just a simple launcher that tells you a lot of helpful and important information before you go in-game.



- Server Statuses for ATS and ETS2 Multiplayer

- Looking up of players information, including name, avatar and previous ban information.

- Automatic checking of updates for TruckersMP

- Information about players on the servers, including queues and current players.

- Pass-through direct to official launcher for updating and running




The server status screen



Player information screen, including bans



Download: https://github.com/NarodGaming/narodtruckersmplauncher/releases

Source: https://github.com/NarodGaming/narodtruckersmplauncher


Currently Version


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#Bump, UI overhaul is here and more features added, such as better version checking, telling the user if the API is having problems. Enjoy!



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Hello, Narod!

Your tool doesn't get any updates since 2017, also it looks like isn't working correctly. Tool topic will be archived. Fell free to contact me if you have any questions.

// Archived.

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