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City Of The Month - April 2017


What city in France do you think should be City of the Month?  

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  1. 1. What city in France do you think should be City of the Month?

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City Of The Month - April 2017


Each month I will be posting 2 topics. The first one will be a poll, posted at the start of the month, containing certain cities from each country in either ATS or ETS2. All you have to do is vote on the poll which one you would like to see as that months City of the Month! The second post will be posted on the last day of the month containing the chosen city and more information about landmarks , famous people and other interesting things about it!


I have provided a poll with 6 recognised cities from France (3 from base game, 3 from Vive La France) that are in ETS2. All you need to do is choose 1 city from the poll and then all the responses will be added up at the end of the month and a city will have been chosen! Also, feel free to comment why you feel that your chosen city should be chosen and your comment may be featured in the post at the end of the month.


Kindest Regards,


[TMP Support & Media]


N.B. All inappropriate / one word replies to the topic will be hidden!

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