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ETS2 Germany Appreciation Video

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Hello TruckersMP, I'm looking for footage for a Germany appreciation video. I do not have a decent laptop so first of all I wouldn't be able to record good looking clips, and second of all it probably would lag the game. So I've decided to bring it on the Discussion thread to see if anyone could help me.

The reason why I would like to make such video is because I see a lot of German users, and in my experience I have played with many German people, and I have to say they're the nicest folks most of the times! Another reason is that I think Germany is a beautiful country both in-game and in real life. I have been studying German for a while and even though I'm not too good at it I can say that it is a very complicated and beautiful language.

So, if anyone could send me some clips, here's what I'm looking for:

  • Free camera clips of trucks driving in famous German locations/German signs,
  • About signs, I will need some clips with the Hamburg, Berlin and Köln signs in them,
  • Any clip involving more than one truck,
  • Clips with still trucks not moving, parked to the side of the road,
  • Any video from cabin view of interesting/exciting/scary moments.


 The song I will use is "Lass uns gehen" by Revolverheld, it's in here so you can see what beat and high points I'm looking to follow.

You can also hear the cities mentioned before, that's why I wanted those specific clips.

I know I'm basically asking people to work for me, but I'll keep a watermark in the video with your name and I'll link your profile in the video description.


EDIT: If you wish to send me clips message me and we'll find a way (YouTube/email etc.)

And if you know a better song (basically all German song are beautiful) or have any ideas or corrections tell me!



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