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About Rising Tensions Turkey and The Netherlands


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I hope we all follow the rules no matter what happens and that things like this won't effect our behaviour and i really hope that the rising tensions stop and everything is back to normal. Thank you Scarface

Edit: I will add info about this on my forums, discord. :)

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@Mr_Pingu The Netherlands refused to give permission for Turkish ministers to come into the Netherlands and hold a referendum about increasing power of Erdogan.  It's causing tention cause Turkish government thinks Turkish people living in the Netherlands are still Turkish, while the Dutch government find them Dutch.


You can read more here if you are interested: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39248646

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I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind..


Be slow to critize, be fast to appreciate.

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Guest Chinois&Cinesi&Kinesisk

We need to do is to keep calm or silent, this topic should not be too much discussion, the community manager has been expressed very clearly, read it on it.

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Guest GoodByeTruckers

I will sell my DAF in reaction. :D jk



another tension for Turkey's domestic policy, Tension causes "yes" votes to rise for presidential referendum, it's a politics relationships will return to normal after 3-5 week. remember tension about Russia and China.



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Thanks @scarface0359 for the post. Please all people from Holland and Turkey, remember to follow the rules and show a good behaviour :) 


(logically, same to the rest of players.)




               how to appeal a ban      how to report a user       In-game rules      feedback & contacting upper staff    





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