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Ban Appeal



I was wondering how long it takes for an appeal to be reviewed. I just got banned 3 days for the first time and I appealed but how long will it take? 

Like it doesn't really make sense if it gets reviewed after my ban already expires right...

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Admins are humans and have real lives too, you must be patient and wait for Bonnm to review your appeal. Complaining and asking here, will not help your situation.

Kind Regards,


[TruckersMP Retired Team Member (Ex-Game Moderator)]



If you are replying to me, please @mention me (@El1teZombiezHD ) or quote my message otherwise I may not respond

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Guest Bonnm

I banned you yesterday night........ 


i'm not 24/7 online because i have a real life too. I'm not a robot. 


I'll answere to your ban appeal soon. 



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Guest Anriandor

Hello @Thomz024,


it takes an in-game admin as long as he needs to 1) find time for dealing with appeals and 2) read the appeals. Every TMP in-game admin does the work voluntarily, i.e. everybody has a private life as well.


As a result of that, you shouldn't expect them to act like a 24/7 working machine.


Because you are obviously very new to both, the game and the forum, I am adding the following guides for you:



Whatsoever, if you are not satisfied, how your appeal was issued by @Bonnm, you can still contact upper staff by sending an email:



Kind regards ;)

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Hello there @Thomz024,

You'll be surprised that yes it still can make sense.

Admins are very busy, but they can still accept an appeal after the ban expries. This is a note for future bans (from my understanding) which acts as an explanation to other admins.

I'm happy to be corrected here

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