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Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth)

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Do you want to get started with save editing? If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place.

Before you remind me, I am fully aware there's already a topic on this: 


I wanted to create an in-depth tutorial for those who wants to learn save editing. It contains pretty advanced technical information. And It's easy to make mistakes, I do it quite often too. Please note I will only support Windows OS (64 bit) users.


Step 0: Obtaining game def (definition) files

Before we start, you can create a folder where you'll copy and extract the def files from ETS2 (and ATS, depending which game you play).

It's not mandatory, but it's highly recommended in order to see the path and where each def files are located.


You can use this tool provided by SCS Software, and place it in the folder you created. Then you'll have to copy the def file (def.scs) in that folder too. The file is located in the game installation directory: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/MY TRUCK GAME/" (Please note that when you're in the file explorer, it uses the back slash '\'). If it's a non-steam version, it would be in the Program Files.

When you have both files in the folder, just drag the scs file into the extractor. Then wait until the black window disappears. You should be able to see some files and folders.

You can explore the files in that def folder to get familiar with it. For example, if I want the chassis from the cement mixer trailer, it would go like: "def/vehicle/trailer/cement_mixer/chassis.sii"

Step 1: Downloading required files

-Text editor
You can try the vanilla Notepad from Windows, but I personally recommend using Notepad++. Any other text editors should do. Another reason I love Notepad++ is because I can search for all occurance of a certain value and replace it with another value.
Notepad++ Website


-Java JRE 7 (doesn't apply to Non-Java decrypter)
This is important if you want to use the famous java compiled decrypter. Not necessary if you use a different decrypter!!!

Java JRE7 Website

-Sii file decrypter for ATS & ETS2
You'll need it to decrypt the save files. You can try to find or compile a different one if you want.
Download Java based decrypter (Java 7 is outdated)

Download Non Java based decrypter (404 not found)

Backup Download Link


There's a new version with a GUI. Thanks to @Ali365Dash for mentioning it.

Step 2: Applying necessary changes

If you are using the Java based decrypter and want to use the bat file, this is a very important step! Otherwise, you might get a java exception if you have Java JRE 8 installed.
Open the bat file with your text editor of choice, and add this line after "@echo off" : "cd C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\"
It should look like this:

If you have Java JRE 7 installed somewhere else, use the appropriate path! You can go to its location, then copy the location address from the file explorer.
Picture only shows an example, address may be different.


Let's move on to the save game. You'll need to make sure your save games will save in the appropriate format.
Open your File Explorer and go to your Documents. For ATS and ETS2, the folders should be respectively American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Once you found the folder, open config.cfg with your text editor. Then search (Ctrl+F keys on keyboard) for g_save_format, and change the number value to '2'. Then save the file (Ctrl+S keys on keyboard).
If you want to do it on both games, you need to change it for each one. You'll also need to start the game in single-player, load the save game you want to modify later, save it, and quit the game.
This will update your profile in the new save format. You only need to do it once for each profile you want to edit.

Step 3: Save editing (now the fun part begins!)

Very important! Always create a backup before each modifications! I simply make a copy before editing each time.
I do not take responsibility for broken save files, game crashes or unexpected game behaviors.


In the truck game folder (Documents->Your Truck Game), go in profiles folder (don't touch the ones that has ".bak"). At this point, I would recommend to sort the folders by modified date if you have a lot of them.
Go in the folder that has been modified the most recently. Then go in save->autosave, and you should see a file called game.sii where all the magic is going to happen. Why autosave folder? Because that's the last modified folder when you quit the game.

Another personal recommendation: copy the java and modified bat files in there for quick use.
It might be slightly different for you. The file SII_Decrypt.exe shouldn't be there.


Make sure you are not running the game while doing this. Drag the game.sii (hold left click) into scsc.bat. When you release your mouse button, a black screen should popup with some text in it. When the black screen disappears, open game.sii with your text editor.


Bad result:



Good result:



Those _nameless.xxx.xxxx.xxxx are just addresses to differentiate each block. From here, I'll separate the different sections of save editing you can mess with.
I also recommend to copy the address of each block you plan to modify, so you can refer to it quickly. You'll have to do it each time you save the game and decrypt the profile.




This is where you can check anything related to money, loans, insurance stuff, etc.







Here, you'll find general things about the player. For example, there's the Headquarter's city (HQ), current truck, current trailer, list of trucks, drivers, etc.



-Vehicle (truck)



Detailed information about a specific truck is shown in here. Fuel (percentage), accessories, odometer and license plate can be edited. Please note that license plates from World of Trucks will override your plates.
You need to get the address in player's section. Pictures show how to check info of current truck.




-Player Job



Some information about the current job can be found, like the cargo type, source and destination company.
You need to get the address in player's section.




NOTE: It is possible to have a "jobless" trailer:





You'll find the trailer's mass*, odometer, accessories and license plate here.
*trailer's mass is just an additional mass. You can use negative values but please be very careful when doing so. Trailer's base mass varies between 5700 to 7500 kg on ETS2.




-License Plate


You can edit the plates on your truck, and your trailer as you wish. Don't forget that WoT may affect the plates on your truck.


For the color part, use "<color value=FF008F31>", where "FF" is the Alpha value, "00" is the Blue value (yes I said Blue), "8F" is Green value, and "31" is the Red value. I figured out myself that the Red and Blue are inverted. If for example your hex color code is "4400E0", it would go like "<color value=FFE00044>".

There's already a good tutorial on how to change the color of your plates (please refer to what I wrote above for how to write the hex value of your color):








Each trucks, and some trailers have a paintjob.

The base, like the name says, is the primary color of the paint. The masks are the extra colors often found in some non-metallic paint-jobs. In metallic paints, there's the flip and flake, which are respectively the secondary color, and the more subtle reflection.
Changing some of those values may not affect how the paint is rendered. It all depends on which paint-job is applied on the truck.





Some accessories and paints will have the option to change the color. It can be tricky to understand at first, because the game uses its own color system.
If you want to apply a specific color, you need to get the RGB value first. In this example, I'll use a nice blue (R:0, G:127, B:255). Then you'll need to convert the color into another format by downloading this tool.

After you downloaded and extracted the file, run the executable file from the color code converter, enter the RGB values (0, Enter, 127, Enter, 255, Enter). Select the results inside the parenthesis, copy it (Ctrl+C keys on keyboard), then paste it (Ctrl-V keys on keyboard) somewhere, like a temporary document on your text editor.

But in order for ETS2 or ATS to recognize the color code, you'll need to convert it once again using this online tool.
This time, you need to put one float number at a time (You don't need to do it when it's 0.000 or 1.000). Simply copy one of the numbers (0.2480 in this case) and paste it in the Float Value text box. Click on Convert To Hex and you should get your hex value.

Changing the color value to Hex is not necessary. You can directly paste it in the game file.

Ignore the following.


Copy the hex value (without 0x at the beginning) and paste it in your temporary text file. The next screenshot shows how I've done it. Notice how I didn't put an ampersand before the 0 and 1.


You can copy and paste the colors wherever you need it in your save file. Some accessories might not be affected by the color attribute, even if it is present.
In the screenshot above, it shows an example on paint color attribute. It could be applied to any other attributes mentioned in the paint-job section.





Every trucks and trailers has a variety of accessories. There's different types of accessories with their own characteristics. You'll find the data path and wear on all of them.


The data path refers to files found in def.scs. Some others are found in MyDLC.scs (Replace MyDLC with the name of the concerned DLC).


You can add accessories to a truck and trailer. This method is to do at your own risk and is very likely to cause the game to crash if done improperly.
In this example, I'll show how I add the cows in a fuel cistern trailer.


First, you need to change how many accessories the trailer will have. For example, if the number is 5, you need to change it to 6.

Please refer to the screenshot in the Trailer section if you don't know where to find that attribute.


Second, you need to add the accessory address in the array underneath. I usually copy the last address from the array and change one number. Always make sure it's not already used.
Notice how I copied the previous line, changed position 4 to 5, and put 1 instead of 0 at the end of the address.


Third and last step, you need to add the actual accessory block with its attributes. For the cows, I copy the block from my trailer chassis, and paste it just underneath. Then I change the address and data path to the corresponding value.

I've put the same address that I added in the previous step, and I inserted the data path for the cows cargo.


Now you can save the file and load your game. It should look a little bit like this:



How to proceed with some other accessories may vary. I personally recommend getting the actual accessory before, so you know what's the structure of it when you decrypt your profile.
Adding more than the max amount of a certain type of accessory might make the game crash or simply not render it. For example, if you add cows, and cement mixer cargo on trailer, only the cows will render.


I might add more to this tutorial, or share knowledge from users with expertise in save editing.

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Wow, this is really impressive.


I have to admit that I did not know anything about "save editing" before @CaptainKostaZ told me about it. Thanks to him, I now have a modified Merc with Scania interior backlight and LEDs instead of license plates.

However, that there is the possibility to edit the amount of money owned w/o actually using "CheatEngine" is new to me, I didn't know it before.


So thank you for thoroughly explaining and describing what is necessary and which steps have to be done in order to successfully edit the profile.



Btw - is it also possible to save edit how much money you have to pay in ATS if you repair your truck? I know that there is a certain amount of % of how much you actually pay and how much your insurance pays but is this editable as well? If so, could you tell me how? ^^


Kind regards ;)

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15 hours ago, [23]ThunderSky said:

How can i use 2 x chassis on the same trailer?

I've tried it, it will only load one of them, so that's pointless. :)


14 hours ago, Anriandor said:

Btw - is it also possible to save edit how much money you have to pay in ATS if you repair your truck? I know that there is a certain amount of % of how much you actually pay and how much your insurance pays but is this editable as well? If so, could you tell me how? ^^

Yes, it is possible to do it. I believe that you are looking for "coinsurance_fixed" and "accident_severity". The former is how much the insurance will pay or something. Regrettably, I believe those values will change in-game according to your driving behavior (wrecks, hits). So there's no point of changing those unless you want to reset it...


Thank you guys for asking me questions! :D 

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11 hours ago, LordBenji said:

I've tried it, it will only load one of them, so that's pointless. :)


Yeah, I've tried the same thing, i'm was trying with 2x cargo too but it load the first it find and the second is completly ignored.


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^ @IGSApex, you can use this paint job if you want to but, unfortunately, TruckersMP does not add new content to the game. Therefore, it will not be possible to use this paint job online while driving with others. 


But if you want to use it for single player, you can drop the file in your "mod" folder (Your PC>Documents>Euro Truck Simulator 2>mod). Then, you have to activate it (ETS2 Launchpad>Modmanager). After having done so, find a service station and customise your truck.


That's it ;)


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It should technically work... I even made a mod that puts a 730 HP Scania engine in a MAN TGX truck (sounds included). I'm not sure why it would revert back. Did you modify the auto save file or the other one? The game will load the last auto save by default.

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Updated tutorial:

  • Added an optional step (definition files extraction)
  • Added information related to license plate coloring and trailer cargo mass
  • Few minor edits
  • Love it! 1

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No problem mate! A video tutorial is on my to do list, but please don't expect it to come anytime soon, due to my very busy schedule (eat, sleep, work, repeat).

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For some reason I can't decrypt the game.sii


After I drag game.sii on the .bat file the window pops up but when I open it it isn't like the tutorial describes.

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@iStrikeOne It should work for someone who follows exactly step by step. Don't forget to modify the bat file as proposed in the tutorial, then save it. When you drag your game file into it, the black box should appear and it says relevant information. If it's already decrypted, it should be okay. If it's decrypting, it should be okay after the window disappears. If it gives an exception, then you must've forgot to install Java 7.

Edited by LordBenji

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Okay guys am I the only one that doesn't have the g_save_format listed in the config.cfg? I really want to do this, but without that option decrypting doesn't do anything for me. If anyone could help me out please, thanks in advance.

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@LordBenji I did follow everything step by step.

This is what is being shown in the window. Yes I installed java and added the line.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Can not set static final boolean field javax.crypto.JceSecurity.isRestricted to java.lang.Boolean
        at sun.reflect.UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.throwFinalFieldIllegalAccessException(Unknown Source)
        at sun.reflect.UnsafeFieldAccessorImpl.throwFinalFieldIllegalAccessException(Unknown Source)
        at sun.reflect.UnsafeQualifiedStaticBooleanFieldAccessorImpl.set(Unknown Source)
        at java.lang.reflect.Field.set(Unknown Source)
        at scsc.ScsC.removeCryptographyRestrictions(ScsC.java:118)
        at scsc.ScsC.main(ScsC.java:35)


@QuadZilla I think you are looking at the config.cfg in your profile map, go to the config.cfg in your Game map.


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I still do save editing today, and I don't have any issues.


That's what's in my program files:



And in my bat file:



No big magic here... I also explained that if you installed Java somewhere else (for example on your D), then you should replace the path (in the bat file) accordingly.

There's a reason why I put the change directory command, because if you have Java 8, the command prompt will use that version and it causes an exception.

Edited by LordBenji

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@LordBenji the only problem Im now experiencing is that whenever I edit the savegame and save the game.ssi its not showing up in-game. Am I doing something wrong? Like is there after I edited the savefile something else I must do instead of closing the file and starting up the game?

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@MemeExporter The file that the game will load is the game.sii file located in your auto save folder. If you modify the wrong file, you will not see any changes. Some part may not render on certain trucks (Scania rear exhaust from Mighty Griffin).

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