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Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video


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@CharaAni Yes you can add custom small and bigger lights on any grills. It is like adding a new accessory, but you make a copy of the grill and use different lights. Here's pictures:





On a side note, please tag me like this @LordBenji if you want a quicker reply. :) If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to post it!


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I really should make a video explaining clearly how to add accessories and overlap add-on accessories on bars.

It's not that hard man.

  1. In-game, get the light bar you want, and put the big lights and beacons you want.
  2. Save game from menu, then decrypt the game.sii from folder (probably called '1' if it's the first save).
  3. Search for your roof grill in question (sometimes I search for my truck and scroll down, or the key word for the grill).
  4. Make a conform copy of it just underneath, change last digit of address to 1, or simply rename it to what you like (10 character max per period seperator, valid example: aaaaaaaaaa.bbbbbbbbbb)
  5. Change second grill with all small lights
  6. Search for former original grill address, it should bring you to an array of addresses
  7. Make a copy of the original grill address right underneath it. Don't forget to change the name of the second one exactly how you named it for the second grill.
  8. IMPORTANT: The numbers in the square brackets must follow. It doesn't have to be in numerical order, but it has to be like 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. So if the grill number is 36, second grill would be 37, address below it (if 37) should be 38, and so on... Then at top of the list there should be accessories : xx, just add plus one (if 57, will be 58 instead).
  9. Save document, and load the save game from the menu.

I know it sounds complicated, but one little mistake and it makes the game crash or not render it like you want.


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vehicle_addon_accessory : _nameless.28c.3b9b.6840 {
 slot_name: 7
 slot_name[0]: slot_0
 slot_name[1]: slot_1
 slot_name[2]: slot_2
 slot_name[3]: slot_3
 slot_name[4]: slot_4
 slot_name[5]: slot_5
 slot_name[6]: slot_6
 slot_name[7]: slot_7
 slot_hookup: 7
 slot_hookup[0]: "beacon1.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[1]: "light3.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[2]: "light3.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[3]: "light3.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[4]: "light3.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[5]: "light3.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[6]: "light3.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[7]: "beacon1.addon_hookup"
 wear: 0
 data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline/accessory/r_grill/shape1.sii"
 accessories[41]: _nameless.28c.3b9b.6840

vehicle_addon_accessory : _nameless.28c.3b9b.6841{
 slot_name: 6
 slot_name[0]: slot_1
 slot_name[1]: slot_2
 slot_name[2]: slot_3
 slot_name[3]: slot_4
 slot_name[4]: slot_5
 slot_name[5]: slot_6
 slot_hookup: 6
 slot_hookup[1]: "smalllight2.addon_hookup"    
 slot_hookup[2]: "smalllight2.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[3]: "smalllight2.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[4]: "smalllight2.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[5]: "smalllight2.addon_hookup"
 slot_hookup[6]: "smalllight2.addon_hookup"
 wear: 0
 data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline/accessory/r_grill/shape1.sii"
 accessories[42]: _nameless.28c.3b9b.6841


like that @LordBenji ^^??

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First thing to correct, slot_name: 7 and slot_hookup: 7 should be 8 for both, and the one with 6 should be 7.

Second thing to correct, accessories[41] and [42] do not belong there. You have to go back up the big list of accessories[xx] and put it there. The element 41 should be below element 40, and then 42 below 41. Each accessories[x] should have different number in order. When that is done and in order, remember last number of big accessories list, go back up just before accessories[0], put number you remember + 1.


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accessories[0]: _nameless.1c8.cce5.0510
 accessories[1]: _nameless.1c8.cb45.3f50
 accessories[2]: _nameless.1c8.cb45.1010
 accessories[3]: _nameless.1c8.cce5.0210
 accessories[4]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.3610
 accessories[5]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.47f0
 accessories[6]: _nameless.1c8.cce5.02d0
 accessories[7]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.43d0
 accessories[8]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4530
 accessories[9]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.3c40
 accessories[10]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.f630
 accessories[11]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.eec0
 accessories[12]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.ec90
 accessories[13]: _nameless.1c8.cce4.f7f0
 accessories[14]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.3cf0
 accessories[15]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.3f00
 accessories[16]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4060
 accessories[17]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4110
 accessories[18]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.41c0
 accessories[19]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.41c1
 accessories[19]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4950
 accessories[20]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4690
 accessories[21]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4740
 accessories[22]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4a00
 accessories[23]: _nameless.1c8.ccd2.4ab0
 accessories[24]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.cc40
 accessories[25]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.cf00
 accessories[26]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.ce50
 accessories[27]: _nameless.1c8.cce5.0690
 accessories[28]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.df70
 accessories[29]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.e8a0
 accessories[30]: _nameless.1c8.cce5.07b0
 accessories[31]: _nameless.1c8.cce4.f970
 accessories[32]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.ccf0
 accessories[33]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.d3d0
 accessories[34]: _nameless.1c8.c782.2290
 accessories[35]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.cda0
 accessories[36]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.d5e0
 accessories[37]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.ea60
 accessories[38]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.e520
 accessories[39]: _nameless.1c8.cc35.f780
 accessories[40]: _nameless.1c8.cbd8.c770


does the numbers inside the brackets have to be in order yeah !? @LordBenji

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