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No parking zone at Duisburg city


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Good morning/afternoon oder evening together :),


  • Suggestion Name: No parking zone at Duisburg city to reduce server lgs
  • Suggestion Description:
    • Hello everyone,


      maybe you will ask now, why this thread ?
      Let me explain, why... I can guess that you see all days (real time) driver they are parking on the sidewalk and this could harder to drive out of service, company or similar. 
      Maybe we can change it like the europoort rule with "no parking at EP" ? Everyone they are parking on the side they should be kicked or teleport to the service and this could maybe be better to reduce the server lags. I know that idea sound weird but this is the same like the DC road, everyone could have server lags, more reports on TMP etc. 
      Maybe will the parker move away from the area and the city will smaller of driver.

      I hope you can understand me and know what I want to try to explain you.


      I wish you all a good day :)


      kind regards

  • Any example images
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  • Why should it be added?:
    • Because I think this could help, that the city will smaller of drivers and will reduce lags/server lags. The same could be added by Calais city and similar citys with high traffic.
    • I know that could an bad/worse idea because they can't anymore parking on the sidewalk but maybe can it help us all to make the server better and free of lags.


Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me what I want to try to explain you :)


I wish you all a good day/evening :)


Kind regards


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This could be helpful to a certain point, this way Duisburg would become more populated and the consequences are that it will bring more lag and FPS losses.

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Maybe if when you try to go on the sidewalk it would be like hitting a titanium wall.


Actually, i don't really know.


It would increase traffic if there was blocks on parking, if an admin is there then he can kick all of them but otherwise i don't know.

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LINK PARK TRUCK  DUISBURG https://app.truckparkingeurope.com/de/parking-places/11181-autohof-duisburg-hafen



Friend, apologize for the "bad" English. My case is worse, "google translate english" ... believe it is worse. But let's get to the topic. Your idea is good of a truck park in DUISBURG.

Yes there is. The problem is that it is urban, internal in the city.


DUISBURG, it really has a free truck park in the river port of the city it seems.  The solution is good and temporary. To avoid this, I only know one way. MAKE CHARGES on other map points that are most valuable in value. Put access to loads of DUISBURG and other accessible cities only after a high degree of career in XP experience! MAYBE LEVEL 100 and UP. Yes, extreme situations require extreme solutions.


Thinking about your idea of park truck out of town and researching I discovered there is 1 park truck inside the city of DUISBURG. I thought of something like bank queues. A password to the trucks to wait outside the city.  


 TPM already has a queue service FOR SERVERS is to use the principle to adjust loads there is a park outside the city and call to enter and pick up the load or wait in the internal park. Proposal: Park trucks in areas outside cities in the state of RENANIA -ALATINATED: BONN, DUISBURG and others. PARK DRIVING of loads. PARK INTERNAL TRUCK IN THE INDUSTRIAL AREA.



Player picks and picks up cargo in Duisburg. The system generates an access ticket, a call number for the internal park truck in DUISBURG. The player leaves the parking truck outside the city and has time to enter the internal parking of the city.


Do not enter the clock time, until the internal parking, when called by the game system (AI) the ticket expires and loses the load.

The player delivering the cargo may select another DUISBURG cargo in the system, but will automatically have to wait out of town to re-enter.



The player who tries to go straight into the city loses the Duisburg charge as origin.

Park truck internal, does not allow access of trucks that are coming to download or for those players who have already downloaded.

Park the truck's internal port, there should be a time limit on hold or it will be kicked. No chance to stand still, occupying a vacancy for another player who really expects cargo starting and ending in the city.

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This could be helpful to a certain point.  Dont get me wrong, but it is nearly impossible to enforce that...

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Its a true point, but honestly I think its not that good.

People sometimes need to go AFK, so if they're in a city and have an ability to park its easier. If people can't do this, they will need to drive somewhere else.


Also, what about being at the services? The server would detect the player to be AFK and kick him. This would also apply if the traffic light is red or there is a jam.

Also, if there's no autokick system, thousands of new reports will approach the TMP staff - important stuff, like cheaters can't get banned that fast.

This would be such an easy way to get an enemy banned from the game, so in my opinion its not good.

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I think it would be useful to people, but I still disagree with the idea. Because people may have to stop for personal situations on the roads from time to time. This applies to you. In any case the truck cannot be left in the middle of the road. The job will be short and you will not want to be kicked in this short time. That's why I don't think the idea you said is good.

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To be precise, parking per definition is not possible in ETS2. Why not?
Because parking per definition requires the driver to have left the vehicle, which is not (yet) possible in ETS2.
On a side note, leaving a vehicle does not mean to only exit it, but to not have it (and other traffic) in sight anymore.
Additionally, in some countries parking is also standing for longer than 3 minutes.

Now, what on earth is standing?
Standing is defined as a stopped vehicle with the driver staying behind the steering wheel.

And that is possible in ETS2.

The downside of that definition IMO is that the TMP team is lacking numbers of members to control for how long a vehicle has been stopped to eventually enforce a teleport.

So basically it is a good idea to fight lag in areas with a high volume of traffic, but difficult to enforce.


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The reason for which we won't enforce this rule is because we have applied it for a long time, ever since the Europoort times and know that it doesn't work. It has been proven that kicking players for parking in busy areas indeed reduces lags, however it also steals an enormous amount of work to our staff members that need to focus on more important matters than people parking on a sidewalk or an NCZ without impeding anyone. This is also the main reason why the old 2.7 rule was removed. Another issues is that as soon as staff leaves an area, people will immediately start parking there, making staff efforts null.

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