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Introduce the place you live at

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As our community has got a member base that's spread across the whole globe, i think it would be nice to see the places where you live. So i'm just gonna open this thread, where you can just share images of your hometown, things that make it unique and that you enjoy about it (or hate if you're too unsatisfied... :P). I'll just do the start here. The sleepy city i come from is called Vienna and it's the capital of Austria (if there are any Americans reading this: No, that's not where all the kangaroos jump around...). With around 1.7 million citizens, Vienna is actually the second biggest city in the German-speaking area of Europe, and i'm just going to share a couple of things, my hometown is pretty well known for.


First of, what i really enjoy is that there are many great areas to relax right in the center of the city. The best example for this is the so called 'Donauinsel', an artificial island right in the heart of Vienna, that actually just originated as a result of the flood control of the Danube. But since the shape of this island was quite sub-optimal for city-expansions, it just was used as a recreation area and nowadays the Viennese people actually couldn't survive without it anymore... :D In the picture below, the slim island in the middle is the 'Donauinsel', only ~250 meters of width but over 20km of length provide a great environment for cycling, jogging, walking etc.




Another pretty famous place, well actually it's a whole road, not just a single spot, is the 'Ringstrasse' (=Ring Street) of Vienna. This street is surrounding the central core of Vienna, the first district. This street is actually quite interesting regarding the history of Vienna, as it is actually located directly over the former city walls that were destructed in the early second half of the 19th century. The Ring Street was always one of the most noble places of the city and today you find many famous (and expensive) hotels, cultural buildings (theatres, operas,...) and governmental buildings alongside it. Plus it's the biggest and most busy one-way road in town... :D On the photo below you can see the parliament of Austria.




Another important landmark is the 'Stephansdom' (St. Stephen's Cathedral) right in the center of Vienna. I haven't got too many interesting facts about that for you, it just got a unique looking roof though... :P




Another important place is the Viennese 'Zentralfriedhof' (Central Cemetery), one of Europe's biggest graveyards with an area of approximately 2.5 km² and around 330,000 graves. There are many famous people buried there, including composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauß (both, father and son) and so on. The interesting thing though is that people here actually don't deal as serious with death, as you would expect, that's why the Central Cemetery is actually a popular place for jogging as well... Yes, i know, people that live in Vienna must be crazy i guess... :D




Last but not least there's maybe the most important thing about Vienna: It's famous coffee house culture. These old-school places have a very long tradition here in my hometown. Many people still go to places like these first after waking up, reading newspaper there while being served by unfriendly personnel, yep, that's as Viennese as it gets... :D But i still love those places, as you get the impression like time stands still there and they do pretty much look exactly the same as they did in the past...




Alright, that was my short virtual tour through my hometown, i hope you enjoyed the pictures. I am looking forward to seeing some photos from the places where you guys (and girls) live, as i am just curious about it... :)

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I live in a town called Wrexham, located in North Wales, United Kingdom.




Central Wrexham is commonly referred to as a "clone-town" due to the removal of local stores and diversity within the town center. 

Image result for wrexham

Despite the lack of diversity, there are a few landmarks within Wrexham. For example, the local football ground (dubbed "MyRacecourse") is recognised as being the oldest international stadium in the world.

Image result for racecourse stadium

Wrexham Industrial Estate (21st largest Industrial Estate in the world).

Image result for wrexham industrial estate

Also, many see Wrexham as a gateway to the Snowdonia National Park. 



Annd, that was a virtual tour of my home town :P


EDIT: @DJ Double, @Foxy1515 and Anakin also live here! 


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Now it's my turn. 



I live in the pretty much exact central of Switzerland. Switzerland is on planet "Earth", based in "Europe".




Actually I live in Kriens (about 15 minutes away from Lucerne) but Kriens is nothing more than a suburb, so I tell a little bit about the big city Lucerne :D 



This is what Lucerne looks like. On the left side we can see the railway station. On the left side of the horizon we see a big mountain, it's the Pilatus, I will tell you more about this mountain later. 

And on the south of the picture you can see a ship and there's also the big lake, called Vierwaldstättersee.

We can also see that here's a big river going straight through the city and some bridges. Can you see this weird tower and the wooden bridge?






It's the Kappelbrücke. The special thing about this city is that most of the buildings are still from the middle age, so there are buildings in our city that are a few hundrets of years old. 

They used this bridge to protect themselves from robbers and thieves. At the middle age Lucerne was a popular trading city, especially because of it's awesome location. That's why robbers somehow used to enter the city by the river. You could ask now: But why didn't they took the way from land? Why should they use the boat to enter the city if they could just sneak up from the countryside?


Well, we had a wall. So that meant, that we were actually the trump supporters from the middle age lol



In the middle age Lucerne built a big wall, called the Musseggmauer. So other people's only had the chance to enter the city by going through the river. On the other side of the wall were handicaped/sick people (our city used to transfer sick/handicaped people to the other side of the wall to protect themselves of the infections and virus) and the rest of the world lol.



In the central of our city, called Altstadt we have countless of these buildings. The buildings are a few hundret years old but they are still here and the ways and narrow places are still existing.



Right beside of our railway station (picture 3) we have our KKL. It's a huge building for museum, art, musical events, etc.




Now, let's head on to the ships.


Lucerne is right at the Vierwaldstättersee, a big lake in the central of Switzerland. There are of course ships (old steam ships) that are passing by. People do always wave their hands each other when two ships are passing by :D In the inside of some of the ships is even a big hole where you can see directly to the engine. All the ships have restaurants where you can eat special, on the weekend you can even eat brunch on the ship while it's on the lake. 



We also have our own ship, Stadt Luzern :D 



And this is, how our city looks like from the lake view. Lovely, isn't it?




Now let's go for the mountain wich I mentioned earlier in this post. It's the Pilatus.


You can go up the mountain with the cable car. We have two cable cars, one is going from the bottom to the upper places of the mountain. And this cable car right here goes directly to the top of the mountain. 



On the backside of our mountain however, we have one of the steepiest rack railway of the world. Pretty scary, there are no walls, what so ever, just a rack railway and that's it.





This is how the mountain looks like. Pretty amazing, isn't it? This cable car has few stops, where you have playgrounds, places for campfire, rope park, restaurants etc. 

It's gorgeous to take a walk up there, you are surrounded by forests and wild nature. 




When it's a foggy day, you really have to go the the top of the mountain. 


Then you can see the view of the "cloudy ocean". And don't forget, you don't have to walk to the top! You can just take a pullover, hop in the cable car and you are instantly on the top of the mountain. Of course you can also walk up there but who wants to walk up there when you can also sit back and relax the sightseen of the cable car :D 



And now, I'm telling you something. On the front of our mountain we have the forest and the cable cars, right? Do you want to see how it looks like on the back of the mountain?


This is the view when you are on the top and you look to the back. Snowy mountains.


And this right here is the view on the top when you look to the front of the mountain. On the left side you can see Lucerne and the big lake Vierwaldstättersee.

On the top you can see this building, it's a hotel where you can sleep with your girlfriend and it also has a restaurant. Do you see the hole on the left side of the building? 

That's where the cable car goes into, really amazing. 



On the horizon you can also see GERMANY, but only when you use a binocular :D:D 


So this is my city :P The bad thing about this city is that alot alot alot of people are asians. 3 from 10 people you see on the streets are asian. Because this city is like the favourite for the chinese people, they travel from China to the heart of Switzerland to see all these things :D I think we have a nice mountain, lake and city. And of course also nice girls :P 

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2 minutes ago, [ST-B] T.Rucker said:

Wow, these are actually breathtaking pictures, @Chreazzy , thanks for sharing them... :)


No problem, what I especially love is the Pilatus. It's like the border between the flat country side with lakes and the mountain landscapes :):D 

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14 minutes ago, Chreazzy said:


No problem, what I especially love is the Pilatus. It's like the border between the flat country side with lakes and the mountain landscapes :):D 


Yeah, i can imagine... Unfortunately we don't really have any bigger mountains, the biggest ones are just several hundred meters high (even though Austria has more than enough proper mountains, just not where i live lol).


But at least on our mini-mountain we got some vineyards:




And the best thing even is that you can almost go to the top of them with public bus service, so this is actually a fast way to escape everyday-life in the city quite fast... :D



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Well where to start, where to start. Oh well 4 years ago I moved away from my hometown of Karlskrona in Southern Sweden and I even left Sweden, tho not that far away from Sweden. I moved to our neighbor country Norway. More specific a Northern Norway and a tiny but beautiful town called Narvik.




Narvik is located in Ofotfjorden and if I get to say it myself Narvik is pretty well located close to many awesome places by car or by foot, it's a 30 minutes drive up to the Norwegian/Swedish border by Riksgränsen, a bit over 2 hours to Kiruna, a bit over 3 hours to Tromsø(often described as Paris of the north) and lets not forget about 4-5 hours away from beautiful and stunning Lofoten.


The biggest industry in Narvik is by my knowledge LKAB a big Swedish mining company, the mine itself is located in Kiruna, Sweden however all the iron ore is then shipped by train over the "Iron ore line" over to Narvik where it's loaded over to ships headed out to all over the world. A fun fact about the mine itself is that the mine currently produces 90 per cent of ALL the iron in Europe, they mine enough iron ore to build more than six Eiffel Towers per day.




Above is one of the trains transporting the iron ore between Kiruna and Narvik, each train is pulling 66(68) wagons behind it full with ore, the train measures 750m long and loaded with 6 500 tons of ore(a bit heavier than a truck ain't it)


What most people don't know is that WWII struck Norway and Narvik and Northern Norway itself quite hard, when people say WWII most of us think of Germany or Poland or some other country. Few of us think of Norway as a part of it and I'll admit even though I am a big fan of history I was one of them before I moved up here.


So why did the war strike Norway, well we all know war is fought with weapons, machines etc. What are one of the necessary things to build these things? Iron you say, well you're exactly right, Hitler and the Nazi Germany wanted the iron ore that was mined from Kiruna. However Sweden wasn't any problem for them since Sweden cooperated, the problem was Norway. Therefor the nazis decided to invade Norway and take Narvik to get their iron, I am not gonna write a whole essay on this though but for those of you who want you can read up on it more on Wikipedia or other pages online etc.




Below is a picture i took in Narvik War Museum, it says "62 days of war, 64 ships lost, 8500 soldiers lost, 86 planes lost" and below is one of the bombs the nazi planes dropped on Narvik durring the battle.


Fun fact to the Austrian fellow here: Most of the German foot soldiers was actually Austrain.




There is still loads of things from the war left up here, traces, memories etc. Loads of ship wrecks in the bottom of the harbour. One that I myself consider a bit cooler than all the others is the wreck of the German destroyer Z2 Georg Thiele, she was badly damaged by British ships in the Battle of Narvik and the Captain of the ship Max-Eckart Wolff ordered her to be run aground for the crew to be able to escape safely to shore. She was run aground out in Rombaksfjorden on 13 of April 1940 and there she still lays to this day.

(Georg Thiele photographed by a British ship after having been run aground.)




And above is a picture of how she lays now 76 years later, it's quite hard to get out to where she lays as there is no signs nor marked "tourist" trail to it. There is a tiny trail you can follow but it's quite rough terrain to walk and steep hills and a wrong step and you'll fall on your behind and glide straight into the fjord or worse.


You can read more about the ship here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_destroyer_Z2_Georg_Thiele


Below is an old clip about the Battle of Narvik, if I am not completely wrong there's been talk about doing a big "Hollywood" style movie about the battle recently.



And a documentary about the battle:


I think we leave the battle there now, if you want to know more about it Wikipedia, Youtube and Google is your best friends for it! :)


I don't really know what else to say about Narvik now so here enjoy a beautiful clip of Narvik and its mountain.


Last but not least, I'll leave you with 2 beautiful pics I've taken out in beautiful and nearby Lofoten.





Oh one last thing I forgot to mention we have a nearby zoo called Polar Park, whats so special about this place is that you can actually get to go in to the wolf pen and visit the foxes as well but if you're interested in that you'll have to look it up yourself. Now I am gonna leave you with a cute reindeer picture instead that I've taken.




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Well here's my hidey hole located in eastern Switzerland :P Picture taken from my room/balcony. I live here since about 2008, quite the change since I grew up in Amsterdam.




Not much to say about it really... population is about 4000, however it's still the largest town of the valley and the most central. There's a LOT of shops for a small town and some of them are pretty large too, although my house is on the furthest edge of town most of them are within walking distance for me. Also there's a train station and multiple stops for those things they call buses. Austrian and German borders are both about an hour away (cheap shopping!), nearest city 15 minutes and Zurich 40 minutes.

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Actually i'm really overwhelmed by all the photos you guys put in here, you really have some nice hometowns. Therefore i'm just gonna put in a few more as well, this time i will focus just on the 'Ringstrasse', the street ring surrounding the core of Vienna that i mentioned already in my first post. Since culture plays a huge role in Vienna and you find many cultural buildings on this famous street, let's just begin with the 'Staatsoper' (State Opera) which is actually the most famous opera in the city and probably one of the better-known worldwide:




The next building on our virtual tour alongside the Ringstrasse is the museum of natural history. Actually you can find a quite big amount of museums in Austria, as we have museums for almost every single topic. The interesting thing about this specific museum is, that directly opposite of it there's the museum of cultural history, which looks pretty much the same as this one.




Next stop is the 'Hofburg', which is known for being the residence and workplace of the President of Austria. I always asked myself what the living room looks like in this thing...




I think i've already shown a picture of the parliament of Austria, so not much anymore to tell about this building. As you'd expect, it's main purpose is to offer a safe environment for people that are getting paid a ridiculously high amount of money for doing absolutely nothing productive - but at least it looks nice...




Going on to the 'Burgtheater', which is one of many theatres located in Vienna, and is the most important and biggest one.




Directly across the streets you get the pretty nice looking city hall of Vienna. Here's the office of the mayor located - at least this dude does a bit more for the city than the guys sitting in the parliament, so i guess he deserved his own building...




Actually right now there's even the possibility to do some ice skating directly in front of the city hall on a temporary ice track. It's a pretty nice atmosphere there if you ask me, however i wouldn't bother going there at any time as i am working for ambulance service and we treat the people there - making me think about all the clumsy people hurting themselves there even when i just get close to this place. And whoever paid attention to the text actually, realizes that straight across the street you can see the 'Burgtheater' again... ;)




Last stop of our tour is the northside of the Ring Street. There you can find the Danube channel, a sidearm of the Danube, that's running through the inner city of Vienna. The promenades besides this channel are a pretty popular recreation site. The building on this picture is called the 'Uniqa tower', which is actually just the headquarters of a rather big insurance company and not really a landmark of the city. However i really like it due to the fact that this building is equipped with lights and they're playing different light shows every night. It's just nice watching them. On the picture below for example you can see an Easter rabbit, at Christmas you usually get stars, christmas trees or something like that... :D





12 hours ago, Noxii said:

Fun fact to the Austrian fellow here: Most of the German foot soldiers was actually Austrain.


Yeah, that's something i actually have to be ashamed being an Austrian for. Even though after WWII ended, all the Austrians claimed themselves being victims of Nazi-Germany, the fact actually was that the majority was cheering about it when the Germans occupied our country. That was probably one of the darkest days in the history of Austria... <_<


Anyways, i hope you enjoy those pictures and please keep yours coming in as well... :)

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Yeah basically my town was already **** enough but then they decided to "renovate" it. 

They wanted to rebuild the entire commercial side of the town, so they knocked it all down, ran out of money and now it's just a desolate wasteland of rubble that's been sitting there for 3 years.

All the businesses packed up and left or just collapsed, house prices plummeted which brought in loads of criminals and now it's pretty much the drug hub of UK. 

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@Hampe2356 Oh come on, i'm pretty sure your place isn't that bad, as i'm pretty sure that Sweden is a nice country... ;)


@Miles! Wow, that sounds like this was the work of total geniusses. I don't know how your town looked like before they tried to renovate it, but if it was consisting of old architecture, i think it is a shame that they just flattened it in order to build something new there, especially if they ran out of money right in the middle of construction. I think actually it's the responsibility of the city's government to insure that the oldest parts of the city remain just like they have always been, as usually they reflect history and are important for the representation of the city. But sadly there are sometimes people in charge that just look for new ways to generate more profit, and if that is the case we will get a result as in your hometown unfortunately... :/

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@[ST-B] T.Rucker In all fairness it did genuinely need renovation. The ceiling in shops was starting collapse, which wasn't too bad on it's own but the asbestos underneath was the problem. Buildings started to form cracks on the outside, I think it pretty much got to the point where constant maintenance or a full refurbishment would have been more expensive than rebuilding the place, but they really didn't anticipate the costs well. 

There isn't really much history in my town, so there's nothing worth preserving. Instead of looking "nostalgic" or "historic" the old buildings just look like pure garbage tbh. 

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@Miles! I know what you mean, and it's just sad to see that the miscalculation of the project in your city actually made the situation worse. The thing is, here where i live, miscalculations occur as well, especially when it comes to building new hospitals. The latest one was the construction of a pretty hyped, big hospital, called the 'Krankenhaus Nord', which i guess should have opened already one or two years ago, but due to financial issues of some of the construction companies, it's still estimated to be under construction until 2018 and the costs have already exploded and exceeded 1 billion Euros (yes, that's actually a nice amount of money, i would take that any time...). The thing is though, that fortunately the city i live in is big enough to compensate these ridiculous expenses, but at some points it's just a shame how the people in charge mishandle these huge amounts of money as if it was just a few pence...


@Hampe2356 Alrighty, then i'm gonna make it a bit easier for you to solve this quest: The country i come from is the same that Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in, and i live in the capital of this little state. If you need more help, just let me know... :P (PS: Don't cheat and look at my displayed location underneath my avatar lol)

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@Mirrland You live surprisingly close to me


I live in (well pretty damn close) to Chester, the walled City








Lived here all 31 years of my life, The canal , the River Dee, the Cathedral, Military museum, yearly civil war re-enactment, their is far too much to mention on here.


We get a lot of tourists as well and have a huge student population because of the University, their is also a law still in affect (nobody would be daft enough to do it though) that you can legally kill a Welshman with a bow and arrow if they are inside the city walls after midnight. 



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Just don't come after midnight ;) haha, i used to play airsoft years ago at a site just on the outskirts of Wrexham industrial estate with First and Only airsoft, cracking place, used to be ROF Wrexham during WW2 i believe.

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I believe I'm the first American posting in this thread. I live in Washington, which is in the northwestern corner of the United States. Specifically, I live in the town of Maple Valley, WA. It was incorporated as a city in the early 2000s but has grown at a tremendous and extremely rapid pace. We have in excess of 25,000 residents, I believe.



Here in Maple Valley, there is a lot of natural beauty. We are extremely close to world-famous Mt. Rainier, as you can see above. Also pictured above is Lake Wilderness, located in the outskirts of town. In MV, and really all of King County, there are trees as far as the eye can see. Seriously. There is no spot in the area where you cannot see a small forest of trees. Obviously, logging is a big business here. In addition, we consistently rank among the best places to live in America due to having an insane amount of upper-middle-class families living here. We are also among the statistically safest cities in the United States in terms of crime.



Again, as you can see above, you cannot get away from beautiful Mt. Rainier or the abundance of trees we are blessed with. Although the north side of town is where the city originated, the south side of town, seen above, has seen a recent boom in growth, both residentially and in commercial areas. At the above area, known as Four Corners due to the intersection and the large shopping areas on each of the four corners, there is a grocery store, a thrift store, a family-owned hardware store, a Grocery Outlet, and a big-box store, among hundreds of smaller shops, restaurants, banks, and the like. The city council has rejected lots of other big-box stores, such as Walmart, Costco, and Target, because we don't want the area to become saturated, which I really like. One thing that many don't like is the road pictured above - the Maple Valley Highway, state route 169. I couldn't find the source but it was recently ranked the #2 most dangerous road in the state, behind Interstate 405 and ahead of Interstate 5 (!). The road itself is horrible - thin, potholes, and more - and the speed limits are high already, but NOBODY FOLLOWS THEM. People regularly go 80-90 miles per hour, I'm guilty of it as well! :D I've been blessed to have never gotten in an accident. And there you have it - that's Maple Valley!



It's pretty unlikely you had heard of Maple Valley before this post, but most everyone has heard of a certain city 30 minutes away - that's Seattle, the iconic city that pretty much everyone knows about. Located on the Puget Sound with lots of water and ferries, surrounded by forests, headlined by the world-famous Space Needle, located in Mount Rainier's backdrop, Seattle may stake claim to be one of, if not the most beautiful city in the world. I shouldn't have to say too much about Seattle, Washington, considering it's global fame.


Well, that's Washington! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! :)

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