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Suggestion Name:                          Multiplayer Company (for ATS/ETS2 on its own server.)   Suggestion Description?           I would like to see this implemented into t

This suggestion is nice.. Players would be driving more careful so they don't damage their trucks and others players.

There was a suggestion like this, and it got rejected. 

Nice idea.


However I don´t see the "less people ramming" argument as valid as it has been suggested. Yes, certainly many more people will probably start driving more carefully etc. but  a big portion of crashes come from players who don´t care aout crashing or people who enjoy watching other trucks "fly" .  With this suggestion of making money earning more diffcult and possibly making compnies pay for repairs should the player not have money etc. this "ram for fun" factor becomes even more of an issue. In my opinion anyway. 


Additionally, as has been said before, its a difficult mechanic to implement.

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On 02/02/2017 at 11:43 AM, Topher said:

Suggestion Name:                      


 Multiplayer Company (for ATS/ETS2 on its own server.)


Suggestion Description?          

I would like to see this implemented into the game.  Where you are paid a certain amount of money per Mile/KM (Example .30 cents/Mile) which would be decided by the owner of the company, and the rest of the cash from the load goes to the company. 


Any example images:         




Why should it be added?       

In my opinion this would make earning money more difficult and in turn would make players drive more careful as repairing a truck would be more expensive. If in a case you couldn't afford to repair your truck on your own, then request money from the company to pay for it. This to me sounds like a possible roleplaying server.


VTC that are available now is rather boring to me, since it's only a database which serves no purpose other than a ranking system. 

Helo You mean that every ets2 ats enterprise should have its own server informs us

On 27/12/2017 at 10:00 AM, [GROFR] Victor H. #155 BR said:

Seria muito complicado implantar este sistema porque teria muito trabalho para configurar todo o sistema do jogo e deveria ter um trabalho conjunto do SCS com o TMP, na minha opinião

Seria muito trabalhoso 

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It's a good idea but sadly would be hard to implement 

As someone mentioned before you could maybe join a VTC that does this if that interests you!

Kind Regards,


TruckersMP Senior Support Manager


TruckersMP Support System | Knowledge Base | TruckersMP Rules | Feedback System


remember we were staring up to those peaks on the horizon +x


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This is basically what I've wanted from ETS2MP from the very beginning. My friends and I would absolutely love a server-side company, as it gives a sense of accomplishment to contribute to something together. Additionally, the economy of the company and the way you drive would impact all employees of the company. We're currently testing out some third-party VTC sites, but it's just not the same, as most places you have to manually report stuff like accidents.

As mentioned, it would also make players drive more carefully. I'm pretty tired of seeing trucks driving past me with 130 km/h, but at the same I time I don't want to miss out on action as I otherwise would on EU#1 due to lack of players.


It's probably not possible to implement this, but I don't doubt for a second it would be warmly welcomed within the community (the popularity of third party VTCs tells us that much!)

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Good idea but it's gonna be too complicated.



There must be "company" on database.
There must be a payment method of this company. (Which really changes in real life).
a.Fixed payment?
b.Payment per kilometers?

c.Payment per job.

Additional money they give you.
a.Ferry cash.

b.Fuel cash (35lts of fuel per 100km)

c. Cash for food.



It's just getting complicated trying to make it same as in real life is hard.
Since different companies pay in different ways, their terms does change.
And it's gonna take huge effort to model such giant payment system.

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Hello there,

I saw someone from the community say that they have possible plans for a server economy. He also said that if the server economy is added, a shared company will probably also be added.

Kind regards,


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