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ATS 1 Year Anniversary Convoy 05/02/2017


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Hello Truckers!


Our first Convoy in our new section is ready to be published!


On the 5th of February we will be hosting a Convoy across the coast of California! The Convoy will go from Santa Maria, Sunflower Crops to Eureka, Darchelle Uzau and this will start at 18:00 (GMT+0) and follow this route:









The Convoy will be hosted on the "Events" Server


The Convoy will be streamed on https://twitch.tv/ETS2MPOfficial/ by myself, I hope you all enjoy the revamped artwork on there ;) 


We hope to see you at our convoy!


Happy Trucking,

TruckersMP Media Team

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Kind Regards,


[TruckersMP Retired Team Member (Ex-Game Moderator)]



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Sooo... if my calculations are correct, that should be about 3 PM for me. Hopefully I am not wrong, 'cause I want to be there! :D


Expect to see this beauty driving around with my name above it.


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Some people should really get a license before even thinking about buying Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. Drive safely, folks!



< < < Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash! > > >

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TruckersMp convoys are always enjoyable ill definitely be attending :)  



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A channel will be made on the unoffical teamspeak where everyone can join but only staff will have talkpower!

                                                                                                                                           $ĝ† $αl†™
                                                                                                                                            My Timeline

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