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I'm having the exact same issue almost every week.

I already did everything, but i'm gonna write it all so i'll not waste my time doing it again...


-Put on "NONE- Opt out of all beta programs" : DONE

-Change for an other version and come back to the one above : DONE

-Test EVERY version : DONE

-Re-install the game : DONE

-Delete Multiplayer directory in Documents Folder : DONE

-Re-install the launcher : DONE

-Run as administrator both steam and the launcher : DONE

-Verify integrity of game cache : DONE


Can someone please help me ? Thanks in advance.


Oh, by the way, the link for "help" when the alert buble comes up doesn't work and makes the launcher crash....

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This is because of the new update, unfortunately it isn't compatible with MP and you cannot downgrade to allow it to work with MP. You will have to wait until MP has an update... Sorry for the Inconvenience :( 

Kind Regards,


[TruckersMP Retired Team Member (Ex-Game Moderator)]



If you are replying to me, please @mention me (@El1teZombiezHD ) or quote my message otherwise I may not respond

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