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Chileno Trucker

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Suggestion Name:

Community Paintjob Contest


Suggestion Description:

Held a community paintjob contest in which every contender has to make 1 or more paintjob for every truck (or not) with a free theme or MP TEAM choosed, others users and the team has to vote and the 3 more popular (or less) will be winners and had to be added to the MPMOD.


Any example images: Nope.


Why should it be added?:

Could be a very good prize to the community and to add more diversity to mp.

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+1 This would be great, a contest/vote/competition to choose one or 2 custom paintjobs to be added to MP :) I had actually been thinking about making a similar suggestion except with trailers where anyone could submit a trailer skin and the TMP team would pick some to go to a vote and the top 1 or 2 would be added to MP

I doubt it will ever happen tho :(


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