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Force Feedback and Steering Wheel Discussion

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So as many of you individuals may have experienced, the feeling of driving with a good quality wheel is an amazing step up from using a mouse/keyboard.


Currently I purchased a Logitech Driving Force GT. A little bit older than most wheels on the market, but certainly a good quality wheel providing you with a lot of the features you would need for simulation at a good price.


So this discussion was created regarding force feedback. I want the community to discuss and tell me what are the most realistic force feedback settings/their preferred for Euro Truck Simulator 2, along with what wheel you currently own/have owned in the past.


Please refrain from posting if you do not own a wheel at this point in time. 



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You can set any preferences, but the best is when you set your settings


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My Settings:

  • Force Feedback - On/Off
  • Gain -
  • Stiffness -
  • Centering -
  • Engine -
  • Terrain -
  • Collisions -






Feel free to use a template, makes posting nicer :P but I agree, the best settings are what feels comfortable to you. Do you want a jackhammer (all the way up), or a softer experience (default and below) :)


Wheel: Logitech G920 + Shifter


My Settings:

  • Force Feedback - On
  • Gain - Default
  • Stiffness - Default
  • Centering - Default
  • Engine - Default
  • Terrain - Default
  • Collisions - Default


Image: N/A

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Included an image section to the template
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