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[OVER] Vive La France DLC Giveaway - First Who finds me wins.

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Hello Truckers!


Today I got my Payday Today I decided to make a funny little Giveaway :)

And it will look like this;


This afternoon, I will be driving through the map on EU4 and I will not be on any of the past DLCs so everyone is able to try to find me.

But one thing ! If you think that you found me don't ask or say anything In Game because I won't answer while i'm driving (And don't try to block me) Just follow me until I stop and then, only then you will have to say "Vive La France !" In the chat.


  • RULES Of this Unofficial Event / Giveaway


- Everyone who participates must follow the TruckersMP Rules

- I will read what comes in the chat only when i'll be stopped (Red light / Loading-Unloading trailer) Otherways I'll ignore the chat.

- The first one who says "Vive La France !" While I am stopped and able to read wins a free key for the Vive La France DLC ! There is only 1 key to win.



I maby give some indices on my profile feed :)


At this time, they aren't so many people playing so you have all your chances to win this :) Enjoy !

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I have been found :) GG to @Skeay

I saw a few guys driving arround and some of them followed me over 300kms :') GG everyone Thanks for playing





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