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Steam Limiting Download Speed



So I have been trying to get my steam to download properly but it doesn't. I have 6Mb/s Download and steam limits it to 200 bytes per second. I've tried restarting steam, changing download server and changing the limit speed but nothing works. I have also searched this on google but none of the suggestions worked. I can't download the new Euro Truck update 1.26.1s





Thanks for the help

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First make sure that you selected the correct Dowwnload region. If you select a region thats too far awaay from your current place, it might throttle your total speed.

Remove the limit for download speed (select none)

Make sure that throttle downloads is not active and that you wre not streaming and that nobody (and also no other program) else is using your internet for downloading.

That also includes wathcing yooutube, twitch etc.




Make sure that your harddrive has enough space and that it is not active at 100% (see taskmanager for that)


And also remeber that 6Mb = 6Megabit / second ~ 720 KiloByte / second

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There are settings on steam to remove the limiter. go into steam settings and there should be an area for downloading.

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