Dear Truckers,   Due to the overwhelming load of incoming emails in the feedback, we decided to change the way we deal with them. We are stepping away from an email based system and are moving on to a ticket based system related to reports and appeals.    This new system,, will be more efficient and allows us to deal with your requests much quicker, offering you a better service.     There are some things you need to keep in mind when using the feedback system:   The TruckersMP Managers, i.e. Upper Staff, are the ones who deal with the feedback tickets; The System is not to be used for complaining about bans. It is supposed to be used if you believe there is a mistake which was not dealt with in your appeal or by the Game Moderator; If your message is about a ban, make sure you have created a ban appeal first and that the Game Moderator has reviewed it. Alternatively, make sure you have waited at least 3 days for a reply (; If you wish to report a player, please use the report system which is provided here ; Constructive feedback, suggestions, inquiries or complaints are welcome; Please be patient as at times, we will get a heavy load of feedback cases; English is the preferred language as it means we can get to work on your case instantly. Writing in other languages will necessarily cause a delay in responding due to needing translations.     You can use the feedback system if this applies to you:   You want to provide feedback about members of the TruckersMP Team; You want to provide feedback, complain about or discuss punishments; You want to provide feedback or ask questions that do not fit in any forum category; You have a request that contains personal and/or private information which you would not like to be publicly available; Other requests directed to Upper Staff.     Useful links:   Bug Reports Suggestions Help Section Support     Important notes:   It is very important that you link everything we need in order to examine your case, e.g Ban appeal link or report link. If you do not add this to your message, we have to ask for it and this will increase the time for us to review your case.   Please submit your requests creating a new feedback ticket at and we will look into your matter as soon as possible.     The Project Management