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Best managment platform for ATS / ETS2 companies!




Do you have ideas? You need something? Feel free to contact us!


Main functions in brief:


- Adding routes



- Checking drivers' route

- Makeing ranks with special permissions
- Creating announcements (only for your company)
- Your company personalization (details like description, web page, facebook or inportant stuff like cpm, ranks editing, name changing)
- Creating your drivers' accoutns (automaticly)
- Drivers' personalization (You can add some details like note or change rank, change password. Also dismiss is possible.)
- Checking your drivers' activity
- Looking at companies' list
- Everyone's individual profile with list of his routes
- Rankings with division for ETS/ATS, Singleplayer/Multiplayer/Promods




- Routes' checkers ranking
- Statistics (temporarly disabled, work in progress!)
- Polish/English support (on fanpage)
- Company's card
- Much more!


We are working to develop better platform!
If you want to tell us a good idea, report a bug or you have any problems – contatct with us!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/companyvirtual/



VirtualCompany Team:

Mikołaj Pytlarz - Creator | Application Back-end | Contact
[email protected]_PL - Originator | Advertising | Contact
TheArczi – Front-End Creator | Helper




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My personal opinion (no need to take offense) but there's been oversaturation of this kind of services for quite some time now, and all of them offer the same basic features. I'm not saying that maintaining or creating systems like this is easy, of course, but it also feels like the situation has become stagnated, people designing these sites have run out of ideas as to how to develop them. I suggest you'd take a look at what people in the flightsim side are doing, for example with services like VAFS and FSAirlines, and FSEconomy.  Basically, these services exist to simulate the finances of flying with assignments, tasks such as carrying pax or cargo from airport to another.
I think that with programs like jobsync and virtual speditor, the ETS2 community could also accomplish something similar. Instead of ETS2's ridiculously bloated economy where a single job can easily earn you over 10 000€, we could see a system where the jobs have realistic pay and an accounting system in place (such as calculating the player's salary, the VTC's cut and the expenses separately from the base price offered by the employer). More realistic still, you could establish a database of trucks that all have their stats and location clearly visible for anyone and tracked after each registered job. Instead of starting out with the maxed out -truck from the player's own save profile, the users would only to be allowed to lease or finance a small fleet of trucks with realistic stats, and would have to work together as a company in order to afford these trucks. 

Of course, there's no simple way to mod all these features into ETS2 itself, but it's more about creating a system that allows players to track such information and play the game according to the new ruleset, allowing for greater realism and teamwork.

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From what I have seen on the site it's a good start, although a lot of improvements could be made :) for example it took me nearly 10 mins to figure out how to login to this site, one because I didn't read the message that showed above and secondly, when signing in most sites use and email address and password, rather than the unique ID assigned to the user.


However, like @Desulishor said, there are a lot of these systems out there now. Such as Virtual Trucking Manager and World of Trucks Database.


Although, going back to your point ( @Desulishor ) of these projects 'running out of features'. I have to disagree. At World of Trucks Database we refer to the project as just getting started, we have recently launched a new finance system which is being expanded on in each update to make up for the poor Euro Truck and American Truck finance. This means we are basically creating our own finance system which gives a more realistic game play.


In terms of our software, we have done a complete rewrite on Logit, which includes a new Live Tracker, TripLogger and LiveTracker Server to hopefully fix this numerous issues players are having. That being said, the installer also has a teaser in for a planned featured which is Job Sync.


Although, this is still in planning it will allow to sync jobs globally or with your friends.


Sorry if it feels like I hijacked the post a bit, I didn't mean to.


But keep up the good work @[email protected]_PL, it's a good start!

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Thank you for your opinion! Our site is still in progress. For now our priority is to fix those little bugs an translations. We also want to improve navigation, because it's not too clear. We've got some bigger plans, for example economy, api or nice stats. We will take into consideration all of your advices, once again big thanks!


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Finally found where to choose language (all the way on the bottom) and I picked Dutch since I am Dutch but with all due respect the translation is not that good at this time.

So if needed and wished for I might be able to help out to improve it, I do not speak Polish. The languages I do speak and write are Dutch, English and a bit of German depending on how my language part of the brain works.



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@__Marcinek Those small mistakes with other lanuages will be repaired very soon.


@PitbullTasja We are working for better languages chose. It should automaticly take and set language from your browser language. We are going to improve it!  Of course, if you want you could improve translations (we'll be very, very glad!)! Please contact me, and then I'll tell you details.


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