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How to properly create a report and give valid evidence

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Thank you so very much for the most welcome response to my post and yes that guide at the beginning of this thread is most informative but is it enough for those of us that might not be as savvy as we should?  Could someone possibly go through the procedure right from the beginning if I get deliberately rammed?


My computer is way too slow to have video software running plus I am way too thick to use that software so here we go.


Truck or car rams me.


What is the first thing I should do?


1  Is there a button, key or code I can press?

2.  Do I try to take screen shots using F12?

3.  Or, do I simply quit out of the game and go to the link someone just supplied https://truckersmp.com/reports/create

4.  If I immediately quit out of the game, can the developers access that relevant two minutes of driving?


I have previously submitted a report regarding a car that thought it great fun to push me onto a low wall and then deliberately and continually ram me.  This driver then rammed two other trucks that had stopped to witness this act.  We all complained, I attached a still shot of the car 'buried' into the side of my tractor unit, but it was deemed there was no proof.


will this new procedure get a better and more just result?


Two days ago I was following a truck, it had a normal load, I had a heavy load and we were being followed by a brown tractor unit.  The truck in front of me indicated to turn off an Autobahn, I in turn also indicated to turn off and we both turned down the slip road.  The following tractor unit was in the process of overtaking me but when they saw me going down the slip road, they took to the grass and tucked in behind our two vehicles.  When we got onto the main road, I could see the way ahead was clear so I flipped on my right indicator to hopefully indicate I had seen the tractor unit and the road ahead was clear for any overtake.  This tractor unit overtook me but then deliberately forced the truck in front off of the road.  The ensuing crash saw this tractor unit deliberately and continually ram the innocent driver.  This driver disappeared so the tractor unit turned and then started to ram me!!


What is the procedure you guys recommend I do and I can confirm NO dialogue took place between anyone and I have no interest in talking to those that solely go out of their way to ruin an excellent simulator that provides so much enjoyment. 



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Hello @glojo!


Screenshots are mostly insufficient evidence of ramming. You would need to have multiple screenshots almost creating a stop motion animation of what happened. Because you cannot use recording software due to hardware limitations, I would say your best chance is to use the freshly update in-game report system. The report system saves a two minutes long demo of what happened before the report was submitted. The demo can be used by the admins to view the situation in order to possibly apply a ban, if an offence was made. To create a report of an user in-game do the following after you've seen an offence:


1. Press TAB to bring out the player list.

2. Select the perpetrator from the list and press report.

3. A window with several offences listed should now be open. Select the offences you want to report.

4. Send the report.

The report with the demo will stay in the system for 10 minutes regardless of you or the perpetrator leaving the game.


The tricky part with the new system is that there are a whole lot of reports made in-game and not all of them get viewed. Reports that weren't claimed get removed from the system after 10 minutes. There is no way to export the demo out of the system to use it as an evidence afterwards when reporting on the website.


You can try to take multiple screenshots as an evidence, but there is no guarantee they will be sufficient to justify a ban. The screenshots would need to be taken before the offence, during the offence and after the offence. It's impossible or at least hard to predict an offence, let alone take screenshots while driving. I highly recommend you try using the in-game report system to report the perpetrators as you'll have slightly higher chance of success with it than with using screenshots as an evidence of ramming.


I wish I managed to answer at least some of your questions.


Kind regards,



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I'm referring to the act of submitting properly made reports with correct amounts of evidence as determined and stated by the administration in this post, into the formal online system. Not spamming the in-game report system, enough normal players do that anyway, to the point where the report system usually refuses to accept any more reports and states "This player has already been reported."


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@marco6158 this is an AWESOME guide, a buddy of mine just bought and started playing ATS and I am going to direct him to this guild to help him understand what to do when he needs to report someone,


because he had another player that decided to drive recklessly by coming bearing out in front of him not giving him a chance to slow down and smacked into the player because the driver was driving the wrong direction by driving up a ramp that is meant for getting on to the FREEWAY when they should have been on the other side where you take the ramp to get off the FREEWAY, Thanks again.

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On 7/23/2017 at 3:26 PM, Mirrland said:

@glojo It records the last 2 minutes of gameplay as a demo for admin use only. You cannot 'activate' it for player use. If you want it to record the previous 2 minutes for the admins only, report someone and it will automatically save the demo for the admins.


Do you mean report via the onscreen pop-up? This sounds great, makes the process much simpler for a user, as they don't need to do their own capture or separate form. 

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Hi everyone, 
this topic might be very helpful if it also tells were to upload the video evidence, or were to put a link? I reported someone (within in-game report function which allways says "no action was taken to the reported person"),  now i know when and how to collect proper evidence, what not to report.. etc  but what should i do with my video link?

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