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Muting user's text in chat.

Guest NCIS

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Suggestion Name: The ability to mute specific users in chat or to mute the chat entirely
Suggestion Description: Next to the the speaker icon (which obviously mutes voice communications) we should also have a 'T' or something so that we can mute the text coming from this user too, also somewhere in the options we should have an option for 'Mute all Chat'. 

Any example images

Why should it be added?: This should be added because we have a right to not want to see what someone else has to say, if someone is harassing you in game via chat then you can report them of course but in the mean time you are still stuck seeing their messages fill up the bottom left of your screen. 
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Maybe a visual aid would be better than pressing a hotkey? 


More usability for all people of whom may have disabilities or other issues.

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