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Guide To Surviving Calais-Duisburg Road

Message added by James,

This guide is outdated and may not contain updated, recent or correct information. Please bear this in mind if following this guide.

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Hello everyone,


Clearly Calais-Duisburg road has became a craze in the TruckersMP community recently so i am here to guide you through the road


Okay I would like to firstly say this road is getting more and more ridiculous everytime you drive through it. In fact you will get about 100+ players each day. This is even worst then Rotterdam & Europoort put together. You may be wondering how Calais-Duisburg road has became a thing recently. This is because of a few Youtubers. I'm not putting any blame on any Youtubers. I respect that they're playing TruckersMP and bringing the community together. But the only problem is they have brought attention to the road which has caused the road to get a substantial amount of players. But this is not only Youtubers. There are a few other reasons why there is soo much traffic on Duisburg-Calais road. This is because people are coming from Rotterdam/Europoort and you all know there is huge portions of people around those areas. and the first exit when you leave Rotterdam heading south is the Calais-Duisburg Road. There is one other reason. Whilst the road is having a huge population growth. People tend to think that the road brings more realism. Same reason with Rotterdam and Europoort. It clearly doesn't, it will only cause server issues and not only that but issues for yourself.  


As you may all know you will get idiotic drivers on the road where they overtake and cause collisions. They have no reason to overtake but they do anyways. This is where this guide comes into help. 


Step 1: Be aware of your surroundings.


As I mentioned up top, loads of people will overtake you for the fun of it. This can cause a ridiculous amount of collisions on the road. You also get people in cars/trucks who will undertake you at any advantage they have which could also cause collisions. Make sure to keep your eyes pealed in front of you at all times because if you look behind you will not be aware if there is a oncoming traffic jam or some pathetic driver heading right towards you. You are able to look in your mirrors if you want to look back. This will also help with the give way junctions. People will pull out of there without even waiting. So be aware of your surroundings. 


Step 2: Do not overtake, go the speed limit.


Now as I said above loads of people will overtake so you will just need to be aware and do not overtake yourself. Stick in your own lane at all times as you will get oncoming traffic every 5-10 seconds. This is to help you avoid getting reported and getting yourself into a collision. Do not speed on the road as it will also cause collisions with oncoming people who will overtake. You need enough time to brake and dodge the oncoming overtaker. I would suggest to never go over the speed limit. this will only make matters worst. This is not only because of overtakes, this is also because of all the corners on the road too. As you may all know their are a few tight corners on the road and you may jack knife your truck when you're speeding and turning your truck at the same time. If you feel like someone is going slow. Do not try to overtake. Pull over somewhere where it is safe and wait a few minutes before heading off again. Do not overtake at the train crossing especially. Stay in a single file line.


Step 3: Be Patient


Everyday the road will get a traffic jam no matter what. Especially where the junction is for the motorway. People will be pulling off the motorway every second and if you was to overtake at the junction it will only cause more collisions. Most likely to cause collisions anyways with oncoming anyways. But never overtake if you're in a traffic jam. Be patient and stay in line. And try to stay calm. 


Step 4: Junctions & Exits, Petrol stations


There are many different junctions and exits on the road. Not only that but petrol stations as well. You need to be careful with all these. As the road is very busy you will expect the petrol/gas station to be busy as well. For instance http://prntscr.com/czn6h3 this petrol is always busy and you will get people pulling in and pulling out. So always make sure to be careful around those areas. Make sure to go the right speed and beware on your surroundings. This intersection will always be busy. This is where Give way is to anyone which is on the road itself. If people are pulling off the motorway please let them go then once it is empty you can go (Please correct me if I am wrong) http://prntscr.com/czn7pg Different junctions are a pain in the butt. Especially when it comes to impatient drivers which cannot be bothered to wait. Make sure you look both ways when it comes to a junction/intersection. 


Step 5: Good PC


If you have a good quality PC then that's great! But if you have a rubbish PC then that's bad for you. As this road is always busy this will cause issues with your PC like low FPS count and at some point it could possibly blow up your PC. So if you do have a bad PC I would suggest to avoid this area at all times because it can cause a huge amount of issues with your PC. So try to avoid the area at all costs. 


Step 6: Train Crossing


Now the Train Crossing is the worst. The train crossing is now synced which means you'll need a lot more patience waiting for the train to cross. This means no overtaking as it will cause more havoc when trying to get back into the line, It also means no ramming. Once the barriers start to come back up do NOT rush yourself on getting across as you will only crash into an invisible wall. You will be able to go when the light goes white and the barriers are fully up. Just take your time and be calm and patient.


Step 7: Staying Calm In Situations


Now, I have been noticing people disrespect each other and use profanity against each other. I know this is the internet and it's mostly full of trolls but disrespecting is now allowed in TruckersMP, nor is profanity. There has been several occasions where profanity/disrespecting has been used for example someone decides to overtake and ram someone. The person who is not at fault disrespects the person who was at fault and starts swearing at them. If someone was to ram you and illegally overtake then please stay calm in the situation and in fact record the person who was in the wrong and use the report system. Overreacting won't solve any issues it will only cause more.


If I have missed anything then please tell me in the comments. I am more then happy to add it. If you do recklessly drive, overtake, undertake, it may result in punishment. You may get caught by an admin or a person who may fill in a report about you. So please be careful and try to stay safe on the road. 


If you have seen a rule breaker then you can always report them. You can use different recording software to catch them breaking rules like for example Open Broadcaster Software or Plays.TV or Fraps or Bandicam


Step 8: Cars

Now, i've seen this quite a lot. Cars tend to overtake and undertake. Overtaking or even undertaking won't get you anywhere apart from a crash. If you're in a car then please do not speed down the road or even think about overtaking/undertaking. This is for your own safety as well as other users around you. If you are wanting to speed around and mess about do it on EU4. Being in a car doesn't give you special privileges of messing about. If you cannot drive a car then don't drive it at all. It will only turn out worst for you. Oh one more thing. Make sure your braking sensitivity is high as well as slowing down round corners. Make sure to obey all traffic laws when driving through C-D road. 



If you think I did a good job with the guide then feel free to give it 1 love heart. If you think I gave false information then please tell me then I will change it to the correct information right away! but before I leave. I am going to leave a few pictures of locations below which you need to be aware of when travelling on the road


Intersection- http://prntscr.com/cznvia

Junction out of Duisburg (Both Junctions)- http://prntscr.com/cznw2m

intersection heading towards Duisburg and cross over bridge- http://prntscr.com/cznwdg 

Petrol/Gas Station just outside of Duisburg heading towards Calais- http://prntscr.com/cznwww

Train Crossing- http://prntscr.com/cznxe9

Petrol/Gas Station just outside of Calais heading towards Duisburg- http://prntscr.com/czny4d

Both intersections just outside of Calais- http://prntscr.com/cznypw

And in General- http://prntscr.com/cznz36



Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoy reading it! 


Take care, stay safe!



Happy Trucking!




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I've been on this road twice and I have made some reports, I did go over the limit but NOT over 120 km/h. I usually cruise around 80-100km/h




I did do an overtake, but it was a SAFE one



Although I'd suggest not to overtake at bends (maybe not at all)

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76561198206943368.png  If my post helped, don't hesitate to click that green up arrow! ^_^

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It is a good thing that you cruise around a good/safe speed. This means you will be able to have enough time to stop if anything goes wrong. 


Although you overtook safely it is not a good idea because of how busy the road is. At any time you could be overtaking someone and someone could come from the opposite direction speeding, like someone in a car. This could turn into a really bad collision with you and the drivers around you.

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4 hours ago, Jack Aubrey said:

maybe some of you know this special moment when you survived the Calais-Duisburg road and then, somewhere at the highway, you get rammed by an i**** .......... 10% damage

Like what @Mirrlandsaid. Record them using a recording software then you can get them banned by making a report. 

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Guest DFGssadWGEYGTWESGasadfdy
51 minutes ago, Smalley Truckers.FM said:

You're very welcome sir. :) glad this guide helped you :D 

Maybe edit the bit about the level crossing since it's now synced.  I'd recommend not moving until the barriers are fully up because otherwise you crash into them (as they're going up)

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