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how long to keep waits to a complaint that the ban will be answered?



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There is no specific timelength that an admin will reply to a ban within, but i would suspect it is longer than usual as the report number is very high at the moment so admins are busy when they are on their computers.

For now, you will just have to wait patiently until an admin gets around to your appeal/ unbanning you if you have changed your tag.







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14 minutes ago, ompplaHD said:

how long to keep waits to a complaint that the ban will be answered?

It would be nice to know




Personal experience is, that it takes around a week until a reaction to a report can be seen. Sometimes it takes less, but those cases are mostly a bit more simplistic, where the acceptance of those reports also varies. (Like how "Wrong lane" issues are being handled. It used to be a serious violation, nowadays none of the admins seem to care anymore...)

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