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[ARCHIVED] How to create your own custom UI


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This guide will walk you through the steps of creating your own custom UI which you can use both in ETS2 MP and ATS MP.

A simple photo-editing software is required for this. Paint.NET is great for a start as it's free and easy to use.


Example images of a custom UI (tab, settings, admin panel):










Step 1 Localize your ui folders - TruckersMP > data > ets2/ats (choose wether you want to want to change the UI on ETS2 MP or ATS MP, or both)


Step 2 Click on the UI folder of your choice, and make a backup of all the images (in case you want them back or do something wrong)


Step 3 Find the image ui_skin and copy that into your photo-editing software. Then simply just change out the colors you want. After you are happy with it, replace your new ui_skin with the original one. The game will now use the new UI skin.

You may want to test a bit in-game and see if you've covered every spot or have done it correctly.


Example image of my own ui_skin:




Step 4 (Optional) Now that you've created the most normal custom part, you can start tweaking a bit with the other ones too if wished. For example the small buttons, login backgrounds, admin map, etc. It's entirely up to you, and the excact same goes for them. Just edit them with colors or similar of your choice, and then replace the original one. Talking about the login backgrounds, you can just use a whole image to replace them, you don't need to tweak any colors or similar there.

And for those who wondered, the image with the map is for the admin console, so that only counts/show up in-game if you're an admin.


If you struggle a bit with the photo-editing, just google it and you'll find many other useful tutorials and guides.



But for those wo don't want to or can't create their own custom UI, this thread is full of premade ones which you can download;


If you wish to change the in-game font too, you can use @scarface0359's tool to easily change it;



Thanks for reading and please do post any suggestions or feedback for this ^_^


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@sm00th Because back then, we had to manually transfer the UI files every time we restarted the game due to it re-updating.


What you could do is download any of @Digital's custom UIs as it comes with the [Install_UI batch file]

Transfer that batch file into your custom UI folder and use it.

it works well for me.



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 Ex - GM & FM (S.E.A)

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