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Black grille Volvo FH


Hi I don't know if this is the right place but I was playing ets2 and i saw a admin named Aragon and he had a black grille i do not know if the grille had a FH or FH16 on the grille i forget but i was wondering how he did this. I have a picture of it too thanks in advanced


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Post Edit: To clarify, On the 2012 FH16 Volvo, when you chose your engine, anything below 540HP has the black front, anything above that has the less attractive silver one. The following is a guide to getting the black grill while keeping max power engine. If you want, you can simply just go for a smaller engine power to get the black front, that's the easier solution but if you want the black grill and want the 750hp engine then follow this: 


You need the 2012 FH16 for that, you have the older model Volvo. If you want it though, buy the newer Volvo...


It's a process called save editting. You change the color in the save itself which allows you to have a 

Download a tool called "scsc": http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=164103 (requires Java7) 

Go into your documents, Euro Tuck Simulator 2>Profiles>(THE PROFILE YOU USE)>Save>Autosave> and look for "game". 

(Now you might want to back the folder up just incase you make a mistake on the next part) 


Open the folder containing scsc (and extract it). Drag the "Game" from autosave folder onto the scsc batch file and it should automatically decrypt it. 

Open it (right click+edit) it may take a while just leave it. It's a very large text file.

Do ctrl+f and type "c_equip". For the silver grill it will be 1, change it to 2. Do the same for "s_equip". 
Go file, Save as.. Click okay and okay to Overwright it. 

Go into the game, you should see that the front is now black instead of silver. Just a note though, when you do this any time you go into a garage to upgrade your truck that will change it back to normal silver and you'll have to do the process again. 

(Thanks Harv and Forerunner for teaching me to do this :P)      






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