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DLC Schwarzmüller not supported?



Hello, in your last Changelog stand:


Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2: [34b085195f15]

Support for American Truck Simulator: [5ad590589a7b]

Support for all DLCs (except Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC)


My Version: client_21013


I will drive a Trailer from this DLC Schwarzmueller in the Multiplayer the MP Mod say Ingame  "It's not supported."  

I'm start a Singleplayer Game and take a external freight from World of Trucks with an Schwarzmüller Trailer, save and go to MP Modus, choose continue order and the MP Modus kick me from the Server. See on Pictures. :(


How does it work with the new Schwarzmueller DLC in the Multiplayer Modus?



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This new DLC is not currently supported by the current version of a TruckersMP. You will need to wait for a update to the multiplayer mod to make this DLC compatible :)

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