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TruckersMP Helper | Player search, server status

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gvD5LvT.png TruckersMP Helper

Simple but very useful tool for server statuses and player searching.


2nd Best Unofficial Tool in TruckersMP Awards 2016


  • Works as fast as possible
  • Clean and very informative UI on any devices (even on microwave)
  • Multi-language!
  • Ready for the new features!



  • English
  • Русский
  • Español by GunPowder
  • Čeština by NetyTV
  • Français by Skeay, HigH_HawK & math-98
  • Türkçe by LIGHTOFGOD
  • Norsk by skoTner
  • Svenska by skoTner
  • Italiano by Danny
  • Deutsch by WarMaz & HigH_HawK
  • PT - Brasileiro by Skywalker93
  • Polski by WarMaz
  • Ελληνικά by CaptainKostaZ & PrototypeGR
  • 繁體中文 by Itzsygame
  • Nederlands by Cоnnell
  • Suomi by H_pro1
  • ქართული by BlackSkill
  • Your language?

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2.6.0 is on production now!


Changes since last post here:

- Full HTTPS support (tnx to Cloudflare)

- Search filters

- Players count in certain areas. There is Road Z and Europort on EU2 right now (tnx @Kat_pw for amazing ETS2Map)

- Queue

- TruckersMP Avatars alongside of Steam Avatars

- Other small fixes

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