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TruckersMP Helper | Player search. Server status [MULTI-LANGUAGE]

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Okay, 3.6.1 is on production!

  • Goodbye, old skin, we will miss you :(
  • MANY visual fixes in new style
  • New style for offline/empty servers HWKpq
  • New server logic for grabbing info (no more Maintanence mode in particular cases)

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Oh boy!

TruckersMP Helper is now 2nd Best Unofficial Tool of TruckersMP Awards 2016. BIG "THANKS" to all of you who voted for my site. It is a big proud to be alongside very big and complicated projects like WOTRDB and Virtual Speditor. Really cool to see that my simple and useful tool is needed :troll:




Also, special THANKS to all the translators: @CaptainKostaZ, @SrPeter, @Mariio, @Skywalker93, @Escape [UA], @War-Maz, @Skeay and @H_pro1. This is your award too!


I can't wait to see how it goes in 2017 and what new features I will develop for you. And, by the way, there is a special project for Russian players coming in 2017. Stay tuned!


Happy New 2017 Year!

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Okay, 3.7.0 is on production!

  • New greeting message with counters of players and servers
  • Launcher version & Checking if MP version is not equals in both Launcher & Website API sides
  • Some UI improvements
  • Silver medal :D

This update will required to translate some lines, please stay tuned.

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