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cant f7 enter?



hi I used to play ets2mp on my old laptop alot but today I crashed near rotterdam and I use to always press f7 enter to respawn my truck however ever since I got my new laptop I cant f7 enter when i press f7 enter my f7 button has the mute icon so it just mutes the sound instead of giving me the option to respawn my truck is there anyway in the game options where you can change the default keybind somehow to another key?

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Change the hotkey for your mute button to another key on your keyboard. 



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G'day there @murray5521,

Depending on what type of computer you have, will change how it can be done, but you are able to change a setting that basically inverts how the F1 through F12 keys function. 

When this setting is changed it basically means that the F1 through F12 keys will function normally, and to change things like the volume and all you have to press the FN key + the F key.

Best bet would be to head over to the following link from the official Microsoft Support Forum where similar questions have already been answered.


If you are intending to change any settings in your BIOS, I would make sure that you understand what you are doing first, or alternatively you seek assistance from an IT professional to avoid any damage to your computer.


Hopefully this helps mate!


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