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Cant hear my own truck



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HI Mr_Pingu,

I hope we can get this resolved.

The solutions I will detail to you are based off of the fact that I assume you mean you can't hear your truck in game. If this is not correct please tell me!!


Please try and look at your Audio settings and change them to similar to the photo.

It may be that one of the settings has accidentally been muted.

Please see the photo below for my settings

Please note that you can have your music set higher I just optionally have it off.


I hope you work to get past the problem. If you require more help please do contact me.






audio settings.jpg

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@Mr_Pingu I want you to try something really easy and that thing is to play music that you have installed or watch a Youtube video and see if you can hear anything and if you can't hear anything then either your speakers went bad or your sound card went bad and if your sound card is part of your motherboard then you'll have to go buy a sound card and if your using a laptop then your out of luck unless your using external speakers and if your using external speakers on your laptop try another pair of speakers and see if you can hear anything.


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