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XBOX 360 Controller Button Mapping FIX

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Hi All,


I was having a issue changing/mapping a few of my controls on my Xbox controller in-game. But... i finally found a fix and i think this guide may be helpful to players!


Step 1: Go to options then click controls.



Step 2: On the bottom click "Input Wizard".



Step 3: Go through the input wizard. (Once finished please bear in mind you may need to change your deadzones again!)


Step 4: Go back to Key's and Buttons and then click "Reset to defaults" 



Step 5: You now should now be able to map all your Xbox 360 controller buttons successfully on your controller without any trouble!


If you have any trouble doing this.. feel free to contact me through this post by commenting on it :P 


Kindest Regards, Pheonix_Twitch

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