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Thank you so much HumaneWolf for opening up the community ୧꒰๑͒•͈ ⌔ •͈๑͒꒱୨





However may I suggest that the Sub folder needs to be 3 not 1?

The reason:

This is aimed for 'Japanese (speaking/reading) community with different topics' whilst current sub-folder title 'companies and advertisements' can only allow us to post VTC name and advertisements.  

I can not see much point in that as that won't draw many people here. I want to create a place HERE (why not use the official site rather than random yet repeated Q&A here and there elsewhere but here) including the translated 'rules'.  

Will you be able to create 3 Sub folders under Japanese Discussion?  Thank you for reading.  Please see the 3 sub-folder title suggestions below.


Sub Folders in order of appearance:-

- 日本語フォーラム (Japanese Forum)

Will have all the necessary 'Rules and instructions' in Japanese. 

- 企業広告 (Company Advertisement) 

Different Japanese TruckersMP groups' advertisements.

- その他(Others/ Off Topic)                  

Any other community news.










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1 hour ago, HumaneWolf said:


The Japanese Forum and Off Topic ones are already condensed into one. You don't have to post in the subcategories, you can post directly in this one.

@HumaneWolf That's great- yet I have figured it out by now :)   I don't know how to say this, but you know many Japanese don't speak or write English?  Please try to see it from their view, not from multi-lingual/ your view.  What I want to say is that non- English speaker/reader won't go into the main site.  I want this place to link the Japanese community.  'This one' has 'companies' and 'company advertisements' title which is confusing to use as a start! 

What do you think?




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