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Guide To Fixing Chat Bug


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How-To Fix Chat Overlay Bug

Have you ever opened up the chat then did a shift + tab only to have to restart your game cause the chat overlay was frozen to where you couldn't un-pause the game or access any of the game menu's. 

  1. Open up ATS or ETS.
  2. Once ATS or ETS is opened go to options then select Keys & Buttons an change the settings on Route Advisory Mouse Control for keyboard users I recommend using the mouse wheel up or wheel down. Keyboard can't take any commands when the chat overlay is stuck after doing a shift+tab. If you're a user playing with a steering wheel you can use any button on that is mapped out your steering wheel or you can also just use the wheel up or wheel down on your mouse to un-pause the game without having to restart it.KuF424k.png


This has been tested by me I can say it 100% works I was able to un-pause my game an close out chat without having to restart


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Just now I tried this and it works perfectly :) Big thanks to you for finding this. It's been bugging me so much :)


To recreate the problem, Open chat by pressing Y

Press shift-tab to open steam overlay

Quit Steam overlay by pressing shift-tab again and you will notice that you can no longer press F1 to unpause the game. 


Press that key that you bind to  Route Advisory Mouse Control and you are free to go :)

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