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Things that bugs me about SCS Software and their games.

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Hello fellow truckers!


First to clear on thing up, this will NOT be a post about that SCS Software is bad or anything like that. I think they're really good and still like their games.


Now to get to the point, I feel like they sometimes prioritise the wrong things in their games. This is all from my point of view from a real truck driver.


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Now for example take a look at the most recent DLC for ETS 2 called "Mighty Griffin" which is basically a bling bling DLC for the Scania with loads of chrome. It's fun that they actually do such DLC's it really is but I think theres way too much chrome in this DLC and too little of other cool things to put on. And I also consider it wrong of SCS Software to make such a DLC to a truck which isn't even finished at all, this is a model that hasn't been updated since the dawn of the game itself basically. If you take a look at the speedometers you'll see how full of edges they are and compare them to another newer truck like the Mercedes Actros you'll see a big difference, so I think they rather should remake the old dashboards on the really old trucks to fit todays expectations and since we alreay have seen that they're capable of doing a lot better today.


One thing that also bugs the s**t out of me about the Scania trucks is that horrendous indicator sound, I don't know where they got that from but certainly not from a Scania and the V8 sound is completely off and so is the engine sounds for the smaller Scania engines. I would go as far as saying that not a single sound from the Scania is correct at the moment. I don't know why they haven't fixed this, they have fixed the indicators on the new Volvo FH so why not the Scania as well. I think it's kinda wrong that they have permission to use the Scania brand on their trucks when they aren't made correctly and that this is something they should fix ASAP. From what I've heard the Volvo trucks only have the right indicator sound but the engine sound is off on them too.


One thing that also bugs me is the lack of sideskirts on everything but 4x2 trucks, the new Actros and DAF XF support sideskirts on all models however the rest doesn't I think this should be fixed and added to all other brands. And yes Scania and Volvo at least have sideskirts for all of their models. Below is proof from my Scania and as you can see it's not a 4x2.



In my point of view all the above should be fixed before even thinking about other DLC's such as "Viva La France" and so on, when the "base" game has reached a good quility I think it's wise to start thinking about DLC's and not a minute before that.


I can't speak out about the other brand since I've only driven Scania and Volvo.


I think they should update all truck models to meet a higher graphic quality/standard if you get what I mean and I also think they should update the trucks so all the sounds corresponds with the models or they shouldn't be allowed to use the brands itself, the sound and looks of trucks I feel is quite important.


American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is a truly beautiful game with beautiful and cool scenery across the map, beautiful cities and everything. But that's where this "fairytale" ends, you got access to 2 different truck brands in the game, Peterbilt and Kenworth and a total of 3 different trucks and a very small amount of customization for those trucks.


We all know that SCS Software is hard at work signing new brands and trucks, however it's been 5 months now. 5 months since the release and 5 months with only 2 brands. I'm not saying that they're too slow or anything like that but a progress update regardning new trucks every now and then would be appreciated. I think it's a bit of a shame that we got this beautiful game but only 3 trucks for almost half a year now and I would say that the fanbase of ATS is dropping for every month at moment and some major changes need to happen pretty soon to the game.


SCS Software

I think it's wonderful what SCS Software do and that they create these fun Simulator games for us to have so much fun with, however I think they're pretty bad at communication. We usually say that communication is A and O to everything, I mean sure they have their blog and Facebook page but theres still so many unaswered questions everywhere and usually when they write something it's about something completely different than what you were hoping for.


Like what happened to rigid trucks, the coaches and so on?


Last I heard the rigid was still going to be implemented into the game, and first they spoke about a "Euro Coach Simulator" however later changed their mind and said that the coaches were going to be implemented into ETS 2. From what I've seen they have made it a bit ready for that by adding bus stations and stops into the maps but what's next? I haven't heard anything about the above in a really long time now.


How about finishing all of the above before starting on new DLC's, you usually finish one project before starting 10 new.


And I would also be glad if we got some progress update regarding new brands for ATS and inform your loyal customers whats going on.




So what do you think, Am I completely out of my mind or do you agree with me completely or a bit or what? Please leave some feedback of what you think below!

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I fully agree with this. You should post this on the scs website as some user feedback. I too would also like to side skirts on the 6x4 chassis, that is the only thing that prevent me from using them, I need side skirts!

They should introduce some older models such as the Series 3 or 4 so we can have the older dashboard's that goes with those series. Hopefully when the rigid models eventually get released we can have some older trucks, to me they have more character to them. Plus I like older vehicles as they differ from most trucks see on the road today. This would also mean that we could have some proper exhaust smoke particle effects which ets2 currently lacks due to the current euro version of engines that are in game. They don't tend to smoke much at all.

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Absolute nut job !! Off ya rocker lol 

no I see and hear what you're saying mate and do agree on some of the points you make .

but detail at that level is not my biggest bug bear .

scs must have a masive fan base give that mp has a million members on it own 

so is it not time that they knuckled down and start a polishing process across the game ? .

ie the details you have spoken of and other things like more realistic slip roads and other small things like that .

i think if they truely understand how big the community is for ets2 and mp and how loyal the fans are then investment now whould reap rewards down the line .

so much scope for bigger better dlc that a lot of players would happily pay for . 

Off course I say this as a player not a programmer lol 

Just my humble opinion .

dicky .

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Work needs to be done more on ets2 imo, because thats where it looks like the biggest fanbase is. What I would like to see is more realistic motorway junctions rather than the 2-3 prefabs that we currently have and diifferent companies that we have to haul for, aswell as adding multi drops after all not all trucking is going from one city to another for one thing. 

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