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Ban mistake by Vaiarek

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Hi! sorry if i am posting this in the wrong section, but i wanted to state an issue regarding a ban mistake done by "Vaiarek". If you look at my history you will se this: on 11th Sep 2015 16:14 i was apparently banned for blocking and ramming towards another guy. What's strange is that from 9-15th september 2015 i was doing a longhaul down to Spain so i was not playing the game then or even 1-2months afterwards either, so this has to be a mistake done by Vaiarek. The evidence he leaves shows a couple of trucks which seems to have Turkish origin, not Norwegian (as i am) so why would i get a Turkish name and picture and go block and ram another guy?


Anyway, is it possible to remove this from my history since it only leaves a bad picture off me for something i have not been a part off?


- Kermit 

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