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Hello, new update is here.     Changelog: Truck rendering fixed (low poly model is shown in proper distance) Synchronization fix Car disabled on simulation servers

atm = At the moment

@AceElectroLSPD you can just not on EU#1 aka simulation servers with speed limiters

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I've disabled my flag dlc which had made things a bit better but still get bad lag at times.

I got a bit of very bad lag during a convoy earlier

Skip to 01:05:19 to see it - https://www.twitch.tv/the_welsh_vader/v/72781381

What caused that? Also when driving I didn't notice that was happening - how can that be?

Is that a bug?


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^Not sure if this will work, because at the moment MP allows money/profile editing, so people will simply hack their profile to be e.g. lvl1000  and they'll bypass that requirement.

Driven distance, level, playtime and so on are all irrelevant - only way to check if someone can really handle double trailers is to have some kind of test/exam about it...However we are very close to 1 000 000 users - who will test them and how long it will take to get them tested?

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