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Virtual Trucking Manager

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To me, this is the most clean and professional looking VTC website around at the moment, also from the setup it looks the most secure (as far as i can see at least). So congrats on creating this little gem.


My only user-problem so far is that i cannot get the VTMlive to work :(. The DLL is installed correctly, the app is logged-in to the website, and it appear to have recognized my users and company, however if i take a small trip, it is not automatically registering anything. Am i missing something ?




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Yes indeed :) For completeness and other users:


In case you have the funbit telemetry server installed and the VTMLive application is not working, you might need to:


- manually delete the 32bit plugin dll from steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\plugins

- manually delete the 64bit plugin dll from steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\plugins

- In VTMLive: settings --> install plugin

- Double check it created the required file: ets2-telemetry-server.dll


In my case i probably had a mis-matching version of the Telemetry dll installed. In any case the above troubleshooting solved my problem.

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Existing plugin in both ETS2 and ATS folders are always overwritten by clicking "install plugin" and a MD5 check is done after. So users will have their plugin correctly installed. I think the problem came from another thing, probably ingame but i'm glad if all works for you now :D


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I'm trying to register our company but our name is 8 letters short. I don't know what to do haha. I wish the string is 40-50 characters long ;)


EDIT: And it says An error occured when i'm trying to register a company.

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Update 1.0


There we are. The 1.0 version. Full changelog below.

  • Inbox (now available)
  • Search Tool
    • Possibility to search users by their SteamID64
  • Notifications
    • Button added to remove all notifications
  • TruckersMP Servers
    • Game time added
  • Job Center
    • Rewriting of the back-end
    • Pagination system
  • Support
    • User get a notification when a reponse is available
    • Possibility to add the logfile when creating a ticket
  • Picture (upload)
    • Default background set to white
  • MPG
    • mpg is the new unit when United-States setting is set (the value on user profile is wrong, i'll fix it later)
  • Administration Panel > Reports tab
    • new filters by type, user and date
  • Incident
    • new incident : Out of gas
  • Polish translation added

Special Thanks to @xQu for the polish translation !


VTMLive 1.1


The software has been updated too.

  • New detection system of the distance driven
  • Log file added (Located on Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 or Documents\American Truck Simulator)

Tested with quick jobs, freight market and World of Trucks contracts. All works fine.


Thank you to all users who have registered ! New features will come soon.


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Question about the wage section... Is that suppose to be the base amount for how much the drivers are to be given per delivery? And then bonus per mi would be additional money added onto that base amount?

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If a company refuses a incident/truck maintenance report does this mean that the money is instead subtracted from the user's bank account that filed the report? Also what would happen if a journey is declined by the company?

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Hi There,


Me and @PsyGames have set up a company using this software :) Its a good piece of kit to use... but we do have some suggestions:


1. In the VTMLive software it would be good for a job status section where it tells you if it is detecting if you are in transit and what you are carrying and where you are going and telling you if you have a cargo attached.

2. A Live-Board section on the website that shows what drivers are currently online, where they are and what they are carrying.

3. A section on the website that implements both ATS and ETS2 company's into one by having the same owner in each company.

4. Three different tabs on the website if feature number 3 is implemented:

    1. Overall status of company's (ATS + ETS2) 

    2. ATS Company Status

    3. ETS2 Company Status


But all in all... a good piece of software and we hope the above features are to be added as soon as possible :) 

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Hello !
I downloaded VTMLive and I tried to do what you wrote on this page but I have an "Access denied" error message from Windows when I click on "Install plugin" button because ATS and ETS2 are installed in Program Files (x86) so they are protected with admin system.
I also can't launch the .application file as administrator (because Compatibility tab is not available in Properties) and when I launch the software with .exe file as administrator, it doesn't launch.
What can I do to use VTMLive ? :(

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Well, I think it's the time to explain the future of VTM.


Short-term vision


Soon as possible, new functionnalities will be added such as:
- syncing trailer wear/damage and displaying it as a new cost factor
- wages by employee status
- syncing the current used truck on profile
- avg speed of the trip


Long-term vision


I will merge both version of the website meaning the redesign of some part of the front and the back-end. Also new features are planned like ranking between VTCs or a live tracking of drivers as people suggested.



@Lilloote, I will help you by PM.




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Update 1.1.0

  • Estonian translation added

Thanks to @Divisor for his good job.



Just a little word about translations. I got a ticket about this on the support, so may other people can be interested. There is the response:


Further languages will come but I need translators for that. I rather would like add translations when both versions of the website will be merged because many changes will interfere current translations.


Therefore, if anybody is  interested to translate VTM, he can contact me by PM once the new website will be released. Thanks!

Edited by hurikan670

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Good Night hurikan670!


I'm here again haha, Vice President of Active Express Brazil, we use the MyVTC and we are very anxious to use his sensational system once in our company, we are testing do in all possible features. An idea for the new version of your site would be the company to register a new member would help us a lot (which is possible in the adm panel MyVTC) Another idea is also to be able to reset the kilometragens of all members of the company (which is possible in MyVTC and make monthly).


We are dying to Formalising our new site loads reports :)


A hug and thanks!


Alexandre Simoes

Vice President of Ativa Express Brazil

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First of all, I'm glad that your company is interested to migrate on my platform. For the registration, people will be redirected from the company page when they want apply to access directly to the registration form if they are not logged in. For the reset, yes I could add something like that.


For all, I'm working hard on the v2 to merge both version meaning a lot of changes in the code. The current functionalities are improved and new features will be also added at its release. Another thing, I work to that the website be fully translatable in any other language to facilitate the accessibility.


I think I will release soon an update for the v1 including few features as I mentioned previously. It will probably the last update for this version because the v2 takes me a lot of time.


Thanks! :)

Edited by hurikan670

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I like this, more control and I assume each delivery is credited to the player and not just the company?



Does VTMLive record quick jobs?  I did one, and it wasn't recorded.  (Although, it probably doesn't support modded profiles, because job was from Flagstaff, AZ to Amarillo, TX)

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