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New location for the CB channel switching

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Suggestion Name: New location for the CB channel switching
Suggestion Description: So instead of having to switch CB channel manually on the radio, you can instead have some buttons on tab which can then display which channel you're on, and the buttons to either switch up or down. But I think the original switching method should be kept because it is realistic, and I'm all up for that!

Any example images: Nope

Why should it be added?: I think that will be much more convinient since you don't have to adjust your camera upwards and press on the clunky radio. You can just open tab and press some buttons there. The same as reporting. And I also think that many people are a bit unsure about how to switch channel on the CB. So it will  get much more clear how you do it.

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Guest Wheezy

Hey Leff,


I think that is a good idea especially for people who have a rubbish computer/laptop like i did a few months ago when i couldn't even play in number 1 cam! And also if there are people shouting down the CB and your driving on the outside cam and you want to keep a eye on where you are driving you dont exactly want to be going in cab and looking up at the CB to change the channel without having to stop or take a eye of the road typically causing a crash.


All in all... a good suggestion in my eyes :)

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