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Mod of the year 2014 is...


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I saw so much haters from other mods on modDB...

But we have a great mod, a great community and a great team !

Thank you !


I can't find any list or link showing that we won the first place on modDB... Is it intentional ?


EDIT : Nevermind, I found but from google not from inside modDB website...  http://www.moddb.com/events/2014-mod-of-the-year-awards/features/mod-of-the-year-2014

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Congratulations to all of the Dev Team ! It's a well deserved win, you guys have done such a great job. What a great way to kick off 2015, eh ?



Unfortunately some ModDB members are not able to understand what a wonderful community we have and say that we cheated - of course we did not - why would we? In the end.. it's all because of you, the community!


Well, jealousy can be a terrible thing ;P 


Happy New Year to you all ! 

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