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Fatal Error Unsupported Game version Detected!


Hello fellow Trucker, I did not play ATS for a while and i wanted to play today. ,So at first i had some updates to do since my Launcher was outdated i went on the website and downloaded the last version that is has the picture show here and my game is also v



 and installed ATS Multiplayer but then i got some error, I looked around on the forums and found out some solution but nothing worked.


So this is what happened to me





So i looked around and found a post about how to downgrading so i try but still does not work



I am using None-Opt out of all beta programs, and never try the beta either,



but what i do not understand is my game version is the one i need,





i try every version and i still get the first (Fatal Error),

I uninstall  Multiplayer Mod and re-download/re-install Multiplayer Mod again and i even deleted the Multiplayer directory to reinstall all fresh, still does not work. 
This is what i did basically 

Need some help please :P

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Yes everything is installed in the right path, the game was working perfectly before yesteday, the last thing i can do right now is Reinstall my game . i will come back in 5 min or so if it work.

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Ya, So i reinstalled the game completely in the same path and now it working, i can launch the Multiplayer, i dunno why i had the error tho, i did not change anything since the release of the game and i played 2 month straight online.

well i guess it's solved, thanks guys for trying to help.


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