Scout - This automobile is available for everyone playing on the EU#2 and other non-limited servers, being puchasable from every truck dealer across the map. Since the controls are not the best, I will try and give you some settings in this guide that will allow you to play with the new vehicle at his best capability! I will also go over all the cars' features and options, so stay tuned.   Steering Steering isn't the best at this moment, but if you do have a steering wheel peripheral, I would change the Steering Sensitivity to: 0, if you have a 900/270 degree steering wheel, half for keyboard (not really tested for 90 degree). Make sure you slow down in the tight corners, because you will most likely tip over, since this has a truck handling for now   Braking Since I use keyboard to control my car/truck, I put the braking intensity for the car to about 75%, and it works pretty good so far. Make sure you manage your speed when you come to a turn into a roundabout/intersection, because you may lose control of the car; it happens. For pedal peripherals, I would suggest you leave it to default.   Speed This vehicle can get to more that 150 km/h, but at high speeds (100+), car becomes not that easy to steer, and you will have to be VERY careful when overtaking someone at high speed!   Buying the car & customisation As Clarkinator said in the Police & Public Car Update Topic the Scout can be bought from any truck dealership at the cost of €50.355. It comes standard with a 170hp TDI engine and a 6-speed manual (you can still drive with the automatic gearbox from the settings), a 360l fuel tank and the "standard" (black) interior.   But you can get it with some optionals, right? First, you can get it with a Custom Color, Custom Metallic Color or the Pilot Skin (which is mostly recommended for convoy management, not daily drive!). You are not able to get the Police paintjob or any other Police related customisation options!    For the interior options, you can get the standard black interior, or the exclusive one, both looking pretty!   For the engine options, you can get a 1.8l TSI or a 2.0l TDI the TDI having 10 more horsepower than the TSI!   For the exterior customisation, there isn't much to choose, for now. You can chose to have foglights which light up when using highbeam, or the Pilot Beacons!   Settings Thanks to @Spongebloke I am adding to this 2 screenshots of my settings, for a keyboard steering with automatic transmission.   How to pilot Thanks to @Ozy there is a guide on how to properly use the pilot car. You can check it out right here (press "here").   Final words & thoughts This was one of the most anticipated update, which a lot of people have been waiting for, and I think that they've got what they've asked for. One hour prior to making this thread I was playing on MP, and there were so many people with cars, and it was so "real" having both cars and trucks on the same highway. Yes, there is more to be worked on the car, I'm sure about that, but still it's a great adition to this mod and I'm sure people enjoy it as much as I do.   PS: If you have anything that can be added, feel free to PM me or just post here and I will add it here. Thanks for reading this and I hope it was helpful, and remember, DRIVE SAFE!