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Police & Public Car Update Info

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Common sense.  Lets say the admins are on one of the servers with 2000+ players on. Atleast they will get reports every 20-60 secs. Ofc, they won't be able to use the cars and drive around all the time. 

I still like that they're able to use them. 

But from time to time they do.


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On 15.11.2016 at 1:49 AM, General-Zoadka said:

so would I get chased down by a cop car if I speed through LA not stopping at the lights? running from the cops simulator 2016


You get banned, if you are ramming someone, who also will drive and who have green lights :D


And by the way - If you wanna play that - there is Need for speed :P

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Would be great to see admins on the roads patrolling while other admins were doing admin stuff, i know this has been suggested before somewhere,but a group of admins driving about at trouble hot spots would ,i think deter some of the trolls at these hot spots ,whist the other group of admins are dealing with the flying about in dev cam :)

And probably an easy thing to make happen ,rota for admins as to what duty they are on ,also would open up to employing more iga's :)

Also imo this could potentially cut down on the amount of reports you guys have to deal with :)

as irl if you see a police car on the road your most likely to drive not breaking any road laws

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16 hours ago, H_pro1 said:

It would also be better if the police cars wouldn't disappear when admins are doing their job. Just seeing a police car (for example in a busy place) would make the drivers more cautious.

I couldn't agree more. 


When I was on Friday I saw someone get pulled by a police car for doing 200Km/h. 

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On 02.12.2016 at 8:07 PM, hashimana1 said:

and when will be 

patch 1.26  



Read information in another theme, and i just want to give u an advice, no matter how much frequently u will be asking this, or how bigger will be the letters in ur message, the update faster didn't come.


Here inforamation from the Game Administrator

On 01.12.2016 at 6:15 PM, subtlegta said:

Please wait patiently for the new update.

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