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Headlights from other trucks


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Mod Version: Version R3
Controllers Used: Xbox 360-controller
Description of Issue: I can no longer see the headlights of other trucks in multiplayer, and as in headlights, I mean the light reflection on the roadsurface. I know this feature was introduced in version, but it seems to have been removed or it is simply a bug. Basically, this makes trucks much harder to spot during night driving, especially around bends and such, so I was hoping to see it return, as it was a great addition.
How to reproduce: Drive around at night in multiplayer, and you will only see their lightsource, not the reflection on the road.
Screenshots / Videos
Taken from your facebookpage where you announce this exact feature. Basically, how it is not at the moment. 10353495_781807078517129_259741264957184


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