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Guest Tuxy Fluffyclaws

ATS or ETS2 doesn't get added to my TruckersMP Account

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Guest Tuxy Fluffyclaws

Ensure the following:

  • That you have played at least 2 hours (120 minutes), 119 minutes is not enough.
  • That your profile is completely public - Refer to this screenshot in the privacy settings area.
  • That you own the game, Family sharing does not work.
  • That you have waited at least 5 minutes after pressing the button on your profile, the check can actually take that long if steam is having trouble.
  • Tried at least 2 times.


If the above steps do not work, please contact TruckersMP Support of whom can diagnose the issue.

Edited by Tuxy Fluffyclaws
Added further information regarding the required publicity of the Steam Profile.

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