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MP Specific Keybinds



Good Day, I like you use the middle mouse left and right button for my indicators, however because of hose they are configured, right is tab... My issue is tab brings up the local player window, and im unsure how or if it is possible to rebind the local players list to another key, if so, how? i have trawlled aaround my ing game settings options for a while now, to no avail


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I dont really know. But what I suggest you do even if you play with the Mouse (You said for the indicators) is to reset the keys to default so that you have the TAB sorted. Then try to use the arrow keys / WASD for Gas and Break. That is the most out of it. I had this setup a long time ago but now I use a Dualshock 4 Controller.


The Setup list If  you want to know for the key bindings:

  • Right Indicator = E
  • Left Indicator = Q
  • Engine Ignition = R

That is just for the basic so If you have your hand on the WASD for gas and break then you're good to go as your hand is close to the tab.


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