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Question about game reports.



So when you report somebody, it is much better to also have evidence, and I use video in me reports. Do the video need to have good enough quality to see the player's tag that I reported? Because I always write the /pinfo command in such events, and I get all the data I need for a correct report, then I write all the /pinfo stuff in the report message. But you can't see the data in the video, but only the tag and name.


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I would suggest that you take screenshots of both the players tag, and the /pinfo information. A good enough video quality would be important, because then the admin looking at the report can clearly see the players name, and in-game ID if needed/ in-game tag. What I would do is take a small video of the player in question breaking the rules, then include a screenshot of the players /pinfo information, so the admin can clearly see. But yes, a good enough video quality would be important in cases such as reports and such.

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