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LKW Logistics Transportation 1 Year Anniversary Truckfest & Convoy

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** Announcing new spots **

We seen that more spots were needed due to more VTC wanting to book. If you have contacted us about a spot and we haven't got back then we are sorry, we've been busy making final preparations and stuff. Please contact us again :)




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Indeed it  will be ;)


9 hours ago, lycklig_ said:

will you do one on ETS ?


The same event? No, sorry. But we aren't abandoning our events on ETS2. Keep an eye out over the next few months and there may be an event. Who knows, maybe next year we'll celebrate our 2 year anniversary on ets2.

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**** Well todays the day Ladies and Gentleman ****


In a few hours we will be celebrating our anniversary with you guys. We really have come a long way since we started. We used to be a small company regularly attending convoys provided by SPLH, SFH, TSR and many others. However now we are even hosting our own convoys and thanks to your support we have managed to do this and we are one of the most recognised VTC’S out there. Now, you may be thinking, well they are only named after a company in ETS2, yes you are right however it’s not easy to come up with a name and we also liked the LKW trailers/paintjob.



So, whats the weather going to be like?


Well, Hopefully it will be sunny spells so you can really capture the effect of your paintjobs, however there may be a chance of a tornado heading our way as the update may be here soon. Of course we are praying the MP Gods don’t send us a tornado but you never know.


What happens if the update does come out?


-          Save your game. You never know where ATS will spawn you in.


-          Ask your friends if there is anyone in your space. This is to prevent flying occurring.




The schedule:




Our team will roughly arrive at 2:30 (14:30 – 30 minutes before the event  starts) to help set up. If VTC’s wish to arrive between then and 3 they may.


Between 3 – 4 we will be having our truckfest – Many pictures may be taken J


During that time winners will be announced and prizes given.


At 4 we set of too Eureka to the after-party :D jks no party sorry :P




But honestly guys we wouldn’t be in a position today without our wonderful moose killer and owner Stroms, our smoothly ran management. However you as a whole is made us who we are today! We reallly appreciate your feeback and support at all of our events. We hope you have a great time in the celebration. Pictures will be posted after.






ps we have temporary rules -


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